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Episode 190: Moral Ambiguity

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Hail friends,

Making trapped crates is dangerous. Even at grandmaster tinkering you only have a 90% chance for success (and a 10% chance of blowing yourself up!). I head to Luna and find the first non-murderer/tamer/house hider I could find. And who do I find by my old best good friend, The Chick.

She has what I need, I take out my gold, and... she gives it to me for free...!

A trick?

A scam?

(Something was up.)

No one in their right mind would help someone else free of charge (god knows, I wouldn't). It's just not natural.


I got it. She wants me to owe her a favor. She selfishly imposes a future favor in my overly paranoid face. "I'll show you."

(I see right through you.)

I bank the talisman and come right back.

The murderers, tamers, and house hiders were out... but today, I've come for someone in particular.

At the Spring Cleaners, I find The Chick with a pack full of 250 point tickets... and something else.

I eye it an follower her back to the bank.

The murderers, tamers, and house hiders make their rounds and provide a nice distraction.

She shuffles through her bank contents.

I poke around while she shuffles.

(She's shuffled long enough.)

Ah, I snatch it just in time. Off she goes and with her pack just a little bit lighter.

I find the others outside...

...but I got what I came here for.

This isn't my first encounter with the wench. She once had the audacity of providing me with all the furniture I needed for the tower by checking her message board for my requests, and providing me with everything I need. And she did it in a timely manner!


I won't be shackled by her efficiency (of exceptional furniture!).

*serious face*

I then caught her at the mines and promptly relieved her of her precious gems.

Order was restored back then and order is restored again today.

'Til next time!

(I'm going to UO Hell, aren't I?)

'Til next time!

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