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Episode 238: One year, two months, and twelve days.
(Part 10 of 12)

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Hail friends,

The week that was comes and goes. The world begins heating up, the snowy landscape melts away, and the demoralizing screams of the yellow robed men is the only thing that keeps me going in these harsh, troubling times.

(That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Right outside the tower doors, I spot a familiar, strange face taking advantage of the warming waters.


She ran by the tower yesterday and this time she's bumming around on my door steps.

I decide to introduce myself.

(My mistake.)

We verbally spar for a few but we both know where this is heading.

(I think she likes me.)

*cracks knuckles*

And here we go:

(It's the decent thing to do.)

(She wasn't impressed.)

(If you only knew what I've been through to get all this.)

She gives a stab at a possible explanation:

But enough of that, more of this:


She demonstrates.

(It's like a skit.)


And the moral of this story?

Alterix had good instincts and she was a pretty good thief but she was never going to make it into the guild. Humble pie didn't sit well with her stomach and she refused to wear the yellow robe right until the end. But maybe there was more to this than a simple robe-less recruit? Maybe Alterix's defiance was some kind of twisted metaphor marking the beginning of the end...?

(And maybe her refusal to wear the robe was the universe's way of telling me to get on with the plot?)

(And maybe you can screw yourself an shake your head of disgust in a different direction. I was having fun until you came along.)


(That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

...and between the mornings at the abbey and fun filled crates, this was the status quo for the next 5 and a half months.

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