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Episode 065: The Miner, the Goddess, and the Thief (Part III)

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Hail friends,

Nadia, the queen of all miners.

Over the years, I've gotten to know this one well. Always so precise with her movements. Always so calculated. (Almost as if were actions were not controlled by a human at all!) Tonight we meet again. It must be fate. Walking through the crevass of the mountain, she appears again before me in one of her usual spots. I've already met her once before earlier in the day, back at her usual cave. I greeted her with my usual shuriken, and she reponds with her usual quick retreat.

Without hesitation I creep forward. I move next to her and I am revealed.

No Sacred Journey?


I grasp my dagger and with all my strength I lunge forward and say "hi" to my very old friend. My poison takes hold, my death strike to follow, and... "Por Corp Wis!" she responds! (So my pestering has gotten to her after all!)

Her mind blast barely scratches me and my modest resistance to cold. Realizing her magery is no match for one such as myself, and watching my poison leech away at her life, she goes into the defensive.

"Expor Flamus!" she screams!

I respond with an infectious strike.

"Expor Flamus!" she shreeks!

Another infectious strike, I offer in rebuttal.

"Obsu Vulni!" she pleeds!

I finally cross-examine with a death strike!

The outcome was inevitable... but oh so rewarding.

And thus, the age of Nadia passed. The throne was left vacant for the taking with no legitimate heir to follow. Over the coming weeks, many, (MANY) bastard children came forth to lay claim to the miner's kingdom. But none were able to unseat the thief that was already there. And thus, the age of Chad came to be, and...

...the woodenland creatures rejoiced! The miners of the world payed homage to his rule, knowing that he was there. Everwatching. They knew he required a single piece of blackrock and they gave it willingly! Yes, it's true! They gave their blackrock to the thief willingly for years upon years to come!

*happy face*


*begins to pat self on back when a saucey wench interrupts self*

"--Can I talk to you?"

My goddess! Of course you can talk to me. ^^

This looks promising. With nothing but glowing words, I take advantage of the situation to better my chances of taking advantage of her (sexually!).


But what's this?

(Damn I'm good.)

*brushes off shoulder*

Icy Goddess: I don't follow.

Icy Goddess: ???

And at the sound of my voice, she begins to undress.

"Not in public!" I say while I begin to take off my pants.

And just when things were getting really good...

...she was gone.

'Til next we meet, signed with love.

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