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Episode 018: A lesson in bloody murder.

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Hail friends,

Seasons come and go, such is the way of the world. Although I have no doubt my interest will return, just like my facination with champion spawns has evaporated, my lust for poison seems to be waning. It comes with my realization that any thug can be a murderer. Any person can stab someone in the back. Any person can weild metal through flesh. And with this realization comes a question...

...What seperates the thugs from the infamous murderers who's name's strike fear in the hearts of all who hear it? Who can enter a pub and command a defening silience with but a gesture. mIt's not how big of a corpse pyramid you can create on your front lawn with dead bodies that sets the standard, it's the manner in which you end life in itself demanding respect if done right.

I start this journey staking out new territory to hold to my (mighty) bussom, and claim for my own.

(I head for the Ant Hole.)

Ah, do my eyes see virgin territory?

I inspect the caverns and detect no sign of human life. I will have to visit these caves regularly, to confirm no other empire has laid claim.

*looks around*


*marks territory*

With multiple exits, I search the surrounding area for potential danger...

What's this?

A strange looking cave, with an even stranger inhabitant.

Ah, I remember now. Nadia has met the end of my blade before. I thank thee for thy donation. ^^


Dead Ogre corpse? Nadia may not be a miner-bot after all! I'm unsure at this point, so I wait and observe. She casts Sacred Journey, but I anticiplate her short return.

I help myself to her ogre gold and wait. She continues recalling to two spots every 15 minutes, like clock-work. I move in to take a closer look.

And just as I suspected, shadow ore. Just as before. Miner-bot or no? It was time to find out. My blood runs hot with adrenaline. So easy would it be to let my poison do it's trick. So easy could I end her life (and fill my pockets in the process!).

Tempation is my worst enemy! This is the moment that tests my self worth. Should I attempt to expand my potential? Or continue on in the gutter (with a steady supply of riches).



Hell, I'll try anything once.

She quickly recalls. I dash toward her second location.

How rude.

I extend mercy and that is her response!

I mark a rune (and mark my territory) and use my well earned ogre gold to purchase a few books. I'll put these to good use.

She does not return. So I leave a warning and some "food" as a token of my good will. ^^

Was she a miner-bot after all? Have I just been swindled?? My sense are torn and my integrity is being tested. But I'll have my answer if I find 1000 gold pieces in our next encounter!

Perhaps only a few ogre riches line my pockets in this adventure, but there's glory to be had, and I indend to grab it, strangle it, smother it, and eat it's babies.

'Til next time!

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