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Episode 017: Alexandrea 0, Good Guys 1

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**Note: This one is mainly told through screenshots. Minimal text.

The life of a thief can be a lonely life, especially in the romance department. But I believe in fate. And one day the stars will align, the heaven's will part, and that perfect girl will come along...

...could today be that day?

It was love at first sight!

Of course I'll help you! Anything you ask! Need some 120 power scrolls? Need me to slit someone's throat? Anything in the name of love!

Oh... uuhhh.... yeah... I can do that.


I guess that's like stealing and murdering--sure!

*falls under hypnosis of fun bags*

(You and me both Joanna.)

She attempts to conceal her identity with a change of clothes, but my spidey-sense see's through her plan (and her underwear!)

Heart-broken, I go to do what I do best. Alexandrea, I barely new you, but I'll always remember this day. ^^


* * *


Today I met the bottom of the barrel. I'd hate her if I didn't admire her audacity.

(For those unfamiliar with the scam. The "newbie" hands over a bag with conveniently maxes out your backpack. Then asks you to remove an item off your paper doll. Nice clothing perhaps? With a backpack full the items fall to the ground.)

Black Listed:
Amber May

Don't try to thief a thief... especially if you get caught!

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