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Episode 298: Green Acres

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Hail friends,

Introduction: A shard wide noticed was issued by Sieges's latest and greatest Event Moderator, EM Quantum. Under a coordinated effort, spear-headed by Mesanna, a new project is being launched that involved sanctioning official EA sanctioned player towns. To qualify for this there were 2 requirments:
  1. At least 5 houses must be dedicated to the town, owned by 5 separate people.
  2. The town must be providing a public service that benefits the entire shard.
Moments after reading the latest bulletin, pictures were taken, proof was provided, and an email was sent. A reply was received and there were still a few more hoops to jump through before the stamp of approval was to be given:
  1. First, a tour of the town must be given to the local EM.
  2. Then, that EM would report his findings to Mesanna
  3. Finally, another tour would be given to Mesanna pending final approval.
A few days later, the trap--I mean "the meeting"--was set.

After meeting at Minoc Bank, myself, Enkil, and Jareth begin the tour in search of officially sanctioned EA glory. (It was also a race. I was the first person to respond to the call and if everything goes well, Barter Town will be the first official town on Siege Perilous.)

(You wish!)


Anyway, Barter Town needed to be put on the official map and requirments had to be met; show-and-tell continues.

The whirlwind tour continues:

And continues some more:

(As seen in Episode 276 and Episode 290.)

And then EM Quantum drops a bomb shell that rocks my world:

But enough of that; Off to the Shrine of Larceny:

And the small talk continues:

And the tour continues shortly after:

But I had a plan:

Mostly to ammuse myself, but what do you want from me?

(It's what I do.)

Little Known Fact: Ever since the mailbox was put in place and the tower was set to public (in order to receive mail from others), I've been waiting for someone to break in the house. I've been waiting and waiting, but no one ever has. And besides the many--I'm going to go with "hundreds"--of trapped crates and dozens upon dozens of pieces of poisoning food laying around, the public bulletin board has always been the last line of defense:

*looks at bottom left jewel of board*


Quantum already told us that he enjoys walking around invisible, so I wasn't about to un-ban him from the tower. I cut the tour of the tower short and continue elsewhere:

(He doesn't fall for it.)


And then we get down to business:

(It's only fair.)

Our last stop:

(a.k.a. The Haters.)

And then it hits me:

(But will he bite?)

*crosses fingers*


After a whirlwind tour, our work here is finally done. Quantum announces his impending departure and because he's been such a gracious guest and since I've been an equally gracious host (in honor of this equally gracious occasion), I offer him the services of Barter Town the only way I know how:

(You're in luck! I just happen to have a rune!)

*cracks knuckles*

"Nothing. They're not supposed to work anymore."

(I beg to differ!)

"Vas Rel Por!"


(Oh, don't you dare. Not now. I try again.)

"Vas Rel Por!"


I try again at least another 5 times, but it's a no go.

(As in Episode 244, there was likely a treasure chest that spawned on my recall location at the most unopportune time.)

And with my rune to Green Acres a bust, Quantum may never know how close he was to certain doom.

(I had you and you know it.)

Regardless of bad treasure chest spawn timing, it was hard to stay annoyed for long. Things have been set into motion. My original pitch via email was accepted and the town tour was a success. There was only one last hoop to jump through (Mesanna) and there was nothing else to do but sit back and wait.

Conclusion: First days and then weeks pass. Every day I wait to hear a response. And while I check for messages I also check the public boards to hear if any other towns had begun popping up--there were none. I wait 1 month and then 2 months before I call it quits. There was nothing. Not reponses to any of my emails and no Quantum sightings from any other players. Quantum just disappeared. No words, warnings, or explanations. There were promises of town banners, plans for great teleporter networks, and even the possibility of permanent NPC thief guildmasters--and it was all bullshit.

I have no other words and there's no happy ending. It's just damned disappointing.

'Til next time!

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