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Episode 284: Bloody Mary vs. Small Crate

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Hail friends,

Corpse: Hey.
Corpse: Bloody Mary is a thief now.
Corpse: She just stole some regs from me.

Ah, Bloody Mary. The bastard love child of Native Canadian.

It was time to see if "unsneakiness" was hereditary.

(I'm off!)

Today we witness an epic battle of wits between two formidable and equally skilled opponents: Bloody Mary and an inanimate object.

Corpse was already at the bank, ready and waiting to witness history in the making. Small Crate was a little nervous, but the gauntlet had already been thrown down. (There was no turning back.) If Small Crate wanted to retain its honor, there was no backing down now. Bloody Mary soons runs back into the bank from the moongate. Corpse hides first, Bloody Mary hides second, and both Small Crate and I stay visible.

I continue looking through my bank box contents.

Bloody Mary stealths on over and Small Crate remains steadfast.

My palms are sweaty and my heart is racing, nervous for my wooden little friend. The stakes were high, there was glory to be gained or lost, and it was just a question as to who was going to make the first move.

My Spider's Silk disappears.

Bloody Mary fails to snoop and I stuff everything into Small Crate.

I continue looking through my bank box contents.

She succeeds in her snoop and I continue looking through my bank box contents.

Bloody Mary strikes first...!


--But Small Crate quickly counters back!

Dazed and confused, Bloody Mary appears weak in the knees as her frame begins to wobble. But she soon gets a second wind and straightens herself upright once more.

(Down, but not out.)



Small Crate moves in for the killing blow!

Bloody Mary looks for a healer. Corpse loots her embarrassing body and reminds me that Bloody Mary is now a thief -- she's now freely lootable by all.

(It's nice how things work out sometimes.)

Between the two of us, we scoop up potions, enchanted apples, and hundreds regs.

(We get our own regs back and then some.)

In the end, an inanimate object proved to be too formidable of an opponent -- especially for someone as unsneaky as Bloody Mary.

Round 1: Small Crate

(How embarrassing.)

'Til next time!

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