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Episode 246: Slim Pickings (Part 2 of 2)

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Hail friends,

It's not every day you get to correct mistakes of the past.

Today was one of those days.

Diablo Thantis of the scrubs!

I've made some great steals in my day... and I've also gotten caught red handed more times than I can count. But ultimate success or spectacular failures, nothing gets your heart pumping like a good hunt and/or chase... unless of course, if you sabotage the act by holding a wand while you attempt a theft.

*shakes head*

Luckily for me, Diablo was kind of enough to bring me his pet ball.

(Let the games begin.)

The name of today's game was close combat stealing through the streets of Luna. There was limited space to run on top of the walls and stealthers to stumble over in the streets. Spells and bolas and arrows and summons, back and forth from the tops of the walls to the tops of buildings. And whether you be sneaking through the allies, watching your step in the streets, or scaling the walls, the lag monster was sure to catch you. Everything was sluggish and sloshish. It was close combat stealing and the sandstone that covered Luna might as well have been quicksand.

Multiple WCB, multiple TNT, at least one THC, the yellow robed SUPPERMAN, and multiple scrubs were having at it.

From the Luna's eastern wall, through the streets, out the south, around the side, and on top of Luna's western wall, I choose my moment carefully.

Havik had his hands full and Diablo runs northw here Keeper of Souls battles it out.

--Oh yeah, and SUPPERMAN cheerleading from the sidelines.

The TNT and the rest of the WCB fought it out in another part of town. Diablo was busy cleaning up a stray rune beetle and the moment came at last.

Shadow jumping farther north, I meet him face-to-face while he catches his breathe.

(The perfect crime.)

The rune beetle was dealt with (and with no one else around, Diablo was busy messaging the other scrubs) and I inch closer and closer.

SUPPERMAN admires his idol from afar, they blow each other kisses, and I make my move, ruining their tender moment!


The pet ball that I fumbled at the IDOC the other day was mine! It was mine! All mine!

*checks again*

"You fail to steal the (10 stone) item."

*pumps fist*

Wanting to burn through the last of the charges on this hand-me-down invisibility sash, I'm immediately hidden. 3 charges left. Diablo, only being 16 years of age, is being bombarded with all kinds of hormones and runs in the wrong direction. I futz with my sash, attempting to hide properly before the charges expire, but Diablo finally gets his emotions in check as he comes racing back down towards me.

Diablo Thantis: An Ex Por!
Diablo Thantis: All Kill!

*Diablo (of the scrubs) is attacking you!*

*breaks smoke bomb at feet*

At this point, it was obvious that he was severely underequip, clearly out matched, and... possibly hormonally confused?

I shrug off an earthquake, shadow jump to ground below, and watch him run in circles for another minute, casting earthquake after earthquake for a thief that was no longer there.

He soon runs down, along the south wall, and I see if I can catch him day dreaming once more.

The TNT and WCB were still at it, but I didn't have time for them.

(Besides, they rarely have anything good.)

Diablo come running back, still along the walls, and I wait for my moment once more. They head south...

...and so do I.

In place of Keeper of Souls, it was Max Goldember this time, but the scenario was similar -- this time, even better.

Unlike Keeper of Souls, Diablo traps his opponent with dual walls of stone and "All Kills" his way to victory.

For my part, it didn't matter who won, but the wall couldn't come down soon enough.

Max takes a dirt nap, Diablo shovels the crap (just like at the IDOC), and SUPPERMAN cheers on his hero.

I make the grab, the sash goes on, and Diablo runs in the wrong direction (just like last time). 2 charges left.

They almost had me cornered for a second (1 charge left), but I duck down one of the towers and double back the other way to safety.

Others join in on the fun, but I got what I came for.

I lurk around a while longer, but everything else was just piling on to my earlier success.

("ty" for what?)

(Oh, I see.)

(For me?)


I loot and scavenge a few other trinkets and call it a night.

Back in town I place the pet ball next to my newly acquired Books of Truth (right where it should have been in the first place).

It's not every day you get to correct past mistakes.

Good day.

'Til next time!

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