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Interview with Chad Sexington

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This evening, I had the pleasure of chatting with the charming Chad Sexington.

  • First off Chad,your profession is a thief, correct? Why did you choose that profession out of all the professions available?

    I chose to play it now, because a thief was the 2nd character I ever made. And while I played him, I had the most fun out of all the characters I've ever played. I got tired of all the other professions. So I decided to try something else other people seemed to give up on. And if I hadn't, I would have probably quit UO altogether. And I have been playing him exclusively for several months now. The rest of my people are retired.

  • Gosh! I am glad you did not quit...I find your tales quite enjoyable!

    How long have you lived in Sosaria, and what drew you to this world?

    I started playing when t2a was released. I learned of it through friends at school, and went in with the intention of playing a thief. I've used to read online stories from wtfman.com and later on from Adam Ant (although I never met him). And the idea of a virtual fantasy world in general lured me to this game (and $10 a month / 7 years later, here we are. ^_^) *checks bank account* *sad face*

  • LOL...at least they are trying to make some improvements now.

    I'm afraid they're using buckets to save a sinking ship. It seems that way. Or perhaps they're putting out a fire by using dynamite, is a better example. *sad face* <---- more to come

  • Who has helped you in your journeys? Were there any major influences on you or the life you chose?

    Well some people may not know this, but I'm a wolf that's been raised by Cu Sidhes. (I used Ninjitsu to go to human form). And my mother was a big influence. Taught me how to hunt, how to stay warm during the winter, and steal the hearts of men (although this one didn't take... but sometimes I wake up in cold sweats). Until she was mauled by bears. And uh... my father was an idiot. *licks self*

  • You are GM of the guild THIEF, have you been associated with any other guilds? What are the best memories that you have of being in a guild?

    Well. For a short period of time, THIEF used to be part of the Minax faction. After that we were allied with the Mercenaries of the Abysmal Inferno. I try not to make too many friends. The more friends you make, the less number of people you can steal from. Best memories... hmm... the first guild I was ever in was Brigands of Britannia (BOB) from North Minoc. It encompassed my neighbor telling me to join his guild or he'd kill me on sight. Then one day, I distracted a trespasser while he stabbed him multiple times in the back--my first taste of blood. *happy face*

  • And the cycle began....

    Oh! Put him down as a major influence. Samwise of North Minoc. *grin*

  • What are you plans for the future?

    Besides conquest, glory, and riches?

  • *grins* yes

    Erm... cornering a GM is high on my "to do" list. I'm winging it really. I try not to get bogged down in all this "good planning" and "logical thinking" and "common sense" I hear about. *sips ale*

  • Is there anything (besides stealing) that you truly enjoy doing in these lands?

    Sure! There's lots to do! My hobbies include looting, house looting, stalking, murdering, writing death threats, leaving death threats, setting traps, leaving poisonous food on roads, and taking long walks on the beech.

  • That sounds like quite a bit of things to keep you busy!

    I'm a leo by the way. *wink*
    *looks Akasha up a down*
    *ahem* ... A thousand apologies.

  • *blushes* LOL- no apologies needed

    What is your greatest UO wish?

    Oh boy. My greatest (in a long list of UO wishes) would be death to commercialism of Luna! The good folk of Sosaria are too spread out--disconnected. Instead of relying on their neighbors. It's almost as if instead of playing a game face-to-face, we began playing games huddled in our homes, in our underwear, online.. through.. the... internet... ?

    Wait... *scratches head*

    That or they could just bring back the bounty system and cutting off heads. *sad face*

  • Interesting....well let me ask you this. If you could transform one thing in your UO life with the wave of a wand what would that be?

    To give me a reason to play anyone else, whatever that may be. As of right now, I have no interest. Equally, give me a reason to quit. I would have so much free time. It's very complicated (my thoughts, that is).

  • That is a very intriguing thing to want.


  • Well, I believe that is all the questions that I have for you this evening. Is there anything you would like to add?

    I'd like to give a shout out.

  • Sure go right ahead.

    Ay yo.. ay yo.. this yo boy C to the S, hollerin at ya from the big NV representin the figgity figgity fel and my homies from North Minoc. I wanna give a shout out to all my peeps goin through the struggle, doin the do, and and gettin their grown man on. Much luv. Ya smell me?

    *throws up a west side*

  • Wow... that is not what I was expecting!

    Now you're getting it. ^_^

  • Anything else before we end our interview?

    That should do it. =)

  • LOL! Thank you so much for an enjoyable interview!

by Akasha
UO Stratics Napa Valley News Reporter


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