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Episode 181: The proceeds will go towards a good cause.

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Hail friends,

These past few days have not been good to myself nor my sense of high moral standards (nor my self-deceiving nature when it comes those same moral standards!). I've had a string of bad luck in the days of late. I had an unfortunate incident where the town guards stripped me of my fabulous purple dress... after introducing me to their halberds. I missed an Eye of the Travesty and a Bracelet of Health, both just out of reach and through a moongate, gone from my life forever. And in this past hour, I've spent my time following a gang of murderers out on the hunt for anyone outside of their houses. I've snooped them all...

...and all nothing.

I'm restocked, rearmed, back in my ninja outfit, and am in desperate need of a pick-me-upper.

(What's this?)

(Ah, this will do nicely.)

He stops just long enough for me to spot and target what I want. Into his pack goes a peice of Magincia rubble... and he departs out the east exit of the bank!

(Not so fast.)

He only stepped out to try and donate to the Spring Cleaners.

(I had a second chance... and I wasn't going to pass it up.)

I hold my breath and wait for the guards to cavity search me once more.

*shuts eyes and clenches cheeks*

"You're only making this harder on yourself." they say.

*clenches harder*

(I'll show you.)




*looks around*


...And they never come!

I check my criminal status and find myself still blue to the world! Could it be...? Have I actually finally liberated a 1 stone item without completely screwing myself over?

(Yes, it's true!)

I bank it descretely, poke around a little more, and entertain myself outside with the murderers once more. I come back to the bank, pop out of hiding, get handed some gingerbread cookies by Alizeran, spot the ring-bearer once more, and I'll let the rest speak for itself:

Alizeran: Who's ring?

Ah, with my moral standards back in alignment, tonight I sleep well.

'Til next time!

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