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Episode 291: Minding other people's business.

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Hail friends,

There I was, minding other people's business, when I saw the finest shield I had ever seen.

(A Shield of Invulnerability.)

Razi Seiko [TnT] ran east and I followed. The shield was unsecure in his pack as he runs into one of the TnT Town houses. Seconds turned turned to minutes and still, I wait outside.

I had to have it.

The longer he remained in the house, the higher the likelyhood the shield would be gone.

I stick around, get him on tracking, and... he bolts south, then west, then south west, then south again.

(Down, over, and around the city walls.)

(The hunt was on.)

And just as I'm going out, he comes running back in.

I track him back to his house (and I didn't have a chance to snoop).

I take a look outside.

(What was so interesting out here anyway?)

Along the entire southern edge, I spot nothing but comradeobama sitting in a house. With this lead a complete bust, I still had the unfortunate task of getting Razi outside of the house and into the open.

But how do you do it?

In the middle of TnT Town it wasn't safe outside. This is where the other 3 factions like to show off their awesome and superior skills in fighting, displaying their unreleting nature -- a symbol of the hard core pvp that Siege has to offer. (And then of course, they have civilized negotiations for their personalized faction gear back, whilst sipping tea and munching on biscotti.)

I head back into the city with this puzzle in mind and wouldn't you know it, out of all people, Anck-Su-Namun does my job for me.

Elvis was the decoy, Monolith and Nadal T'sarran were the stealth assassins, and Anck was the target.


It didn't go as well as they had planned.

She runs west, they run east and--




I go for Nadal's body, Anck goes for Monolith's body, and Elvis (unwisely) attempts to finish what the others could not.



My hatred for faction gear is well documented and yet... it was just laying there. I nab a Crimson Cincture, Primer on Arms Talisman, and Fey Leggings and then I move on to the next embarrassing corpse. And just like that--

--Razi Seiko comes out to resurrect his fallen (Obama loving?) comrades.

Other TnT (Dantrag Baenre) and other thieves (Jareth and Booglerz) hear the commotion and spill out into the streets. Everyone else's eyes were on the corpses, but I had other plans.


(Still there.)


(Sweet victory.)

Anck's guard-whacking skills were impressive (and TnT's ganking skills... not so much), but I got what I came for and called it a day.

--But first, I had to bank my new shield.

(What's this?)


*stashes map fragment in bank box*

He speaks.

(Am I caught red handed?)

"The real Chaad?"

Chad Sexington: I'm an imposter!
Chad Sexington: I swear!
Shadow of Death: Haha.


*squints eyes*

(I don't think he bought it.)

(I thank thee for thy donation!)

'Til next time!

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