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Episode 185: The 1 Million Gold Challenge (Part 4 of 7)

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Hail friends,

"How do you put a town of thieves on the map?"

I question I ask myself repeatedly. Today we were about to find out. Much has happend in the hour leading to the event, but let's cut to the chase, shall we? I spot AciD RaiN poking his head around town early and spot him again in Britain talking to Rico of S|S while I was going on a bottle run. (Something tells me I'd be seeing them again shortly.) A pair of TO show their faces (including Bartelby and [another who's name I didn't catch]) along with AEowyn & Cuddles while one by one, the residents of our little town pop out of hiding and come to join in on the fun.

Although I was counting on eight, we numbered six strong (myself, Jose Muerto, Tony Emerald, Mr. Sly, Norrar, and WaVy GrAvY) and our testicles numbered twice that amount! (And we'd need every pair.)

Our newest recruit, also on the fast track to the THIEF stone, was in charge of the most important job of them all.

*pulls back curtain of deceit*

I wait for WaVy GrAvY at the top of our mines and plop the blue chest containing the 1mil check on the ground.

His instructions were simple:

I head back to town and see that it's already begun! Our tiny little town was crawling with Gilfane. I head back and find that I've forgotten the most important toy of them all!

*makes a pit stop at the bank*

I leave Tony to rid the Gilfane from his own house. (My own territory needed attending.) I crawl up the tower steps and weave my way through the maze of boxes. My old friend Warhawk of NEW arrives in style as Alizaren of KSS opens an innocent looking crate and is met face first with a most horrifying of surprises that only a newly grandmastered (and slightly sadistic) tinker could produce!

Unluckily for her, there was no where to run!


She hides.

I wait.

She cures.

I attack.

Myself, Norrar, and Jose Muerto all go grey, the alarms are sounded, the screams of "Citizen's Arrest!" echo up from below, Speedy Claxton swoops in to the rescue... but they're all much too late.

They continue to lay siege to the tower surrounded by mysterious little red and blue boxes. Little did they know, the colored marked boxes were for our benefit, not theirs. (Blue = Storage friendly for loot. Red = Battle ready supplies.)

A dead Marvin comes running in looking for a rez, a dead Alizaren goes running out looking for a rez, and a living Speedy Claxton comes running in looking for me! I stealth behind the wall of crates, wait until he checks the area around Alizaren's corpse, take the iron door to the hall outside, wait for Warhawk to continue checking innocent looking crates, watch as Jose Muerto drops the NEW, watch as Marvin drops Jose (?), wait until the coast is clear and loot away!

I leave the corpses of the tower for a moment and Mr. Sly comes running in... after leaving corpses of his own. I side step a few decayed corpses and spot Troop and Warhawk entertaining themselves with even MORE innocent looking crates!

Away from the tower and seeing right through the mazes and all the (false) clues, Warhawk was getting warmer. As for Troop... let's just say, he was not having a good day.

(I grasp my kryss, but it was not needed.)

Back to the tower, Mr. Sly shows his red face, and Speedy Claxton was having none of it.

I spot Hoffs as he checks and double checks maze of bagballs for 1mil checks that aren't there. I get in closer but...

...Nothing but regs.

The clock was running and things were going well.

And while we're having our fun up here (re-stocking our suits of armor), WaVy makes regular reports from downstairs.

Back to the tower. I spot a new spawn of unicorns and they've made it inside. I reveal for a moment to ban the beasts from the premises.

...but they proved to be un-bannable.

"They are already banned from your house!"


Reekoh of the Secret|Society. (Yes, with a period.) loots away and BlacK RaiN of K0C isn't far behind.

I pop outside, trip over another stealther, get dropped by the unicorns a second time, and... things are winding down.

And with only 10 minutes to go I get the troubling news that I didn't want to hear:

WaVy GrAvY: Someone's coming.
WaVy GrAvY: Warhawk
WaVy GrAvY: What should I do?
Jose Muerto: KILL HIM!


*and waits*

*and waits some more*


WaVy GrAvY: He got it.


I find a rez from a wandering healer, spot Warhawk running up from the mines, and I contratulate him in my own special way.

Warhawk: Thanks.

Word of his victory trickles down through the ranks slowly as we continue to entertain ourselves with loot. I suit up with supplies and put on AEowyn's armor & arcane clothing (looted from the day before) and head back into the fight.

Time was soon up and the masses soon leave. Warhawk walks away with the money, but then again... it was never about the money. This was a day they'd soon not forget. This was a location they would remember. And before I continue that line of reasoning to it's one and only innevitable conclusion...

...it would be best to tell the whole story and nothing less.

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