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Episode 057: A lesson in humility.

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the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank, etc.

This adventure begins in one of my favorite ways in which I prefer adventures to begin -- with a red gate.

Two blues with their trusty packies waiting for a gate. So safe. So secure. What could possibly go wrong? ^^

Ah. Not waiting for a gate to their destination but a friend (with correct rune?)

I position myself, use the packhorses as cover, and wait for my favorite magic words.

The words come and I step into the gate!


"Your spirit lacks the cohesion for gate travel at this time!"

I desperately begin to walk back and forth through the gate. But it seems they were having the same trouble! My spirit's cohesion finally refills and I'm wisked away.

The entrance to Despise.

I didn't have much time. The caravan was moving to the east! With 3 blues on escort and 2 more awaiting their arrival, I was feeling particularly suicidal today.

"You have to spend money to make money." They say.

...or was it, "No pain, no gain." ...?


Whatever it was, I'm sure it was told by a woman. Which means it can't be trusted, takes 2 hours to decide on a pair of shoes, and probably involves another man (and evil!).

I shuriken the closest pack horse and hope for some loot.

The master of the dying packhorse grabs the bag ball before it falls, the rest flee into the house, and another comes outside to play.

(Nothing but regs.)

I check the pack horse anyway. (Again nothing.)

The other pack horse wanders outside and I exact my vengeance.

Two blues come to aid the horse, but are much too late.

And then...

...the unexpected!

Marking a rune? (Oh really?)

Others poke their faces outside the safety of their house, but there just isn't anything to be had. Some one at a time, they begin to leave the scene. And I hear...

...a gate?


If they needed a gate to leave, then they would need a gate to return! But first, I needed some supplies...


"Pardon me." I say.

Ah. Exactly what I needed. I return to the scene of the crime and set my trap exactly where I knew they'd be.

I set the crates on the ground. The plan was simple: The moment I see a gate open on the freshly marked location, cast an energy field targeting myself, boxing in my victims between me, Tim's crates, and my magical field. Perhaps two more packies ready to be plundered? Perhaps just a mess of confused blues in panic with something of great value? My mouth waters at the prospect of potential glory to be had.

Whatever to come out of the future gate didn't change the present. Now comes the hard part. The waiting game.

I wait and wait...

...and wait some more!



They never show.

Disappointed at the sight of an unused trap. I entertain myself inside Despise itself.

A confused blue playing with some lizards on top and 75k in gold pieces for me to pocket down below. Unsatisfied with the way tonight's adventure unfolded, I return once more! (Amazingly persistant or just hard headed?)

I find Trojan Man doing a lap around the fortress! Scouting for intruders before a host of friends drop by? Please, allow me! I'll make sure no others interfere with our little gathering!

DiVinci of FURY? I'm always looking to make new friends. I move in to say hello.

I am revealed but still manage to take a peek.

(And again, nothing.)

How disappointing.

Chad Sexington: Hail.
Trojan Man: How's it going?
Chad Sexington: Bad.

Chad Sexington: I had a trap and it never got used.
Chad Sexington: *sad face*
DiVinci: You're all blessed?
Chad Sexington: *nods*
Chad Sexington: So... since I'm worth nothing, and you both don't have anything of value...

I head back down the dungeon of Despise hoping to catch someone in the act. And who do I find...?

DiVinci and a friendly blue! I don't have to wait long before a few WtF? show their faces.

I intend to take advantage of the carnage. I intend to walk across the bridge now unnoticed. I intent to take everything they have! EVERTHING!

I intend to--

*trip's on spike trap*

I hope the rat mage has better luck with Tim's crate than I did.

(How embarassing.)

'Til next time!

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