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Episode 140: Failed Episodes Vol. 2 - A Week in Factions

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Here I had the bright idea to try out factions. It takes I week to get out of factions once you join. THIEF was in factions for a total of one week. It took one night to make the decision to quit. The following pics are all during a single day.

* * *

Lil Waryor, the guildmaster of COW and the Commanding Lord of the Minax Faction asked me to go Minax with THIEF. I've never had any faction character before. I'll try anything once, so I did.

Minax for no particular reason, only because Lil Waryor asked me first.

I mark some runes for future use.

I take a deep breath.

And make my decision.

I check out the Minax base for the first time with pirella and Panty Raider (the only faction vet).

pirella and myself decide to raid the Shadowlords base by ourselves during prime time. I decide to go in guns blazing and in style with ferret form.

Members of d3bt introduce me to their flamstrikes.

I take a dirt nap...

...And get my first taste of stat loss. I run back in for more, and die a second time.

A gathering of the Minax forces. And a warm welcome.

A little taste of what it means to guard the base. (a.k.a. Very Boring)

Later on that night I go through a red gate and find myself in front of a G*U large tower. They spot me but I slip away.

I position myself at their front steps to get a closer look or maybe overhear their future plans. With guild members constantly recalling in and leaving the door open I hear their chatter, but they're only discussing their feelings.

A few of them decide to continue their conversation outside with a couple more that just recalled to the tower. Not one of them steps on my tile. I take my time snooping them, but they're all without riches. So I target the first regs I see and make a break for it.

While I'm making my get-a-way an orange wisp (because of factions) ruins my fun and paralyzes me. The archer gives me a free death robe.

I rez with a nearby wandering healer and get my first taste of humiliating stat loss from a monster... not even a faction opponent.

It's at this point where I decide to quit factions. Stat loss sucks.

Later I go to chill at brit gate but I see a new face I've never seen at the gate before. Righty, a fellow thief, but a member of the Council of Mages. We go at it for no reason. I get him once with leathal poison and two death strikes, and he eventually gets me with a flamestrike to the face and an energy bolt to the nuts.

He later on joined THIEF and currently is a member.

It was love at first sight.

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