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Episode 149: Thine mother is of goat's decent! Ye swine!

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Hail friends,

(What's this?)

A vision?

(Nay, just Test Center.)

(Publish 54 lands today. And with it, many treasures for the taking.)

Public Posting by K0C:
To my dear Consice,

Thank you for trying to turn in items before the patch and thanks for all your points. Please enjoy the rest of your day.

Your KOC bff.

I snap out of my trance, put on my very fine jester's hat and hop to it. I finally arive and find the legions of Test Center have poured into our land like an unwanted venereal disease.


On second thoughts, this is just the distraction I need.

At my low levels of Hiding and Stealth, I continue to trip over and under myself. But this time, I do it amongst the vermin and snoop to my heart's content.

They come and go and ignore the thief popping in and out of their sight lines. They come and go and I finally find what I'm looking for.

50 points?




*reaches for the 50pt ticket*

My 64 Stealing fails me.

I put my chin up, put back on my very fine jester's hat and go back into the fire.

(This was not going to end well.)

Sherry the Mouse runs struts towards the traders... and so do I.

Again a ticket and again a measely 50 points.


I bank my 50 ticket and return for more... but it looks like the mouse has had her fill.

With the narrow ally back to the bank blocked she dashes around the corner and takes the long way around.

I follow.

I step out of the shadows, stick close to the wall and run at full speed following the mouse's trail.

She stops, I steal, and she goes again.

...and this time with no guards to put down this very tiny thief.

Bested by the ferret, she gives me a look that says, "I don't know who this thief is... but he's both wise (and handsome!)."

With the legions of test center evaporating before my eyes (and the cover of their chaos along with them) I turn my attention towards sweeter meats.

I spot a pair of repressed lovers bickering at the top of their lungs in public.

(How embarrassing.)

A ring? I just might put it to use.

(I approve and take advantage.)

(I move to the others.)

Ah, this is more like it. Maybe not too valuable in the old lands, but here... people go through these things on a daily basis.


I fail to equip my ring of stealing and I pay the price.

I return with one thing in mind... but the outcome is just the same (and twice as embarrassing).

I return a final time only to find my embarrassing remains on the bank floor. I check the contents and am greeted with the most dastardly of deeds.


I pack it up for the day. My skills in Stealing leave much to be desired (and will be next on my list of skills to train).

My mind? Tired.

My fingers? Aggitated.

My very fine jester's hat? Swindled.


My asshole?


'Til next time!

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