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Episode 129: Tracking Red Gates to the Isle of Ice

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Hail friends,

I crawl out of the Heartwood and out of my hole and am blinded by the day light. It feels like I've been down there for ages. As my eyes adjust to this frakking place again, something catches my eye.

The legions of Minax were out and about!

I decide to pay them a visit.

From atop Destard's mountain, to Lord British's Castle, to the Parliment Building of Magincia, I check out the faction strongholds. All empty...


I stop by at Luna Bank to get my bearings straight. (And it's a good thing I did.)

I pick up a stray ship key on the ground, but I wouldn't have time for this now. Opportunity awaits.

"Vas Rel Por!"

Mr. Hanky of GoDz opens a gate.

Bounty Hunter of A1DS and Mr. Hanky go through... and I give chase.

Mr. Hanky is no where to be found as Bounty Hunter and Fizz chat it up while they slaughter a polar bear.

I check out the area...

(Very well equip. I'd have to be fast and I'd have to be careful. No mistakes.)

And move in for a peek...

--But Fizz makes his exit and Bounty Hunter runs into his private home!



I need distraction, that's what I need. I need a lure. I need a hook. I need something to get my prey out in the open.

I get what I need.

Elyse the noblewomen appears with her orcish captures.


And if I know Bounty Hunters (and I think I do), with the trigger happy, polar-bear-killing Bounty Hunter inside... it wouldn't take long.

I wait for the party to begin.

Konvict of ROFL shows his face in the house to the right.

A friend? A foe?

Whomever he was, didn't really matter. It wouldn't be long now.

Bounty Hunter comes charging out to aid the damsel in distress. I take a peek a little too early and he's just out of reach.

One orc down. And then another.

(I didn't have much time.)

He moves the fight away from the house steps with me right behind.

Closer... just a little closer.


Powder of Fortification!


Only one orc left. I pop his inner pack and find it filled with uninsured barbed armor!

I set my eyes on the first Mana Regen 2, LRC piece I can spot.

(This will do.)

Instead of crawling back in his home, he decides to make nice with his neighbor. No stopping now. Everything was set. One man inside, another outside, and my barbed arms in his pack.

I line up from the left and make my run.

I reveal two-tiles too soon, but it matters not!

I reach in and take what's mine.


(I circle around and return to snatch another prize.)

They head to Luna...


But with so much treasure on the line, it can't end like this! I follow closeby into the happier, friendlier, world of Trammel.

I find them and plan my next move.

"cuz your factions"

(Good to know.)

(Too slow.)

Grave (the gater) zooms by, enters the private house, and opens a gate.

(Back to Luna.)

Back now with a full packy, I lay my eyes on what was at stake this night.

Bounty Hunter was in need of a golem. What a golem has to do with transfering to Lake Superior, I not sure...?

But it matters not!

Bounty Hunter needed a golem. And he needed to accept it from a fellow faction member.

(More information is required.)

Bounty Hunter: Join factions lol
Konvict: eh such a hassle
Konvict: Which faction?
Bounty Hunter: Shadowlords
Konvict: Where they at?
Bounty Hunter: Crypts of Yew


I pop open my rune book, find an old rune from the 'Books of Truth days' marked for the Shrine of Justice, cut Konvict off at the pass, and wait for him to come to me.

And just like that...

...here he comes.



Nothing but a Persoanl Bless deed and a few stray regs.

Alas... this is the end of today's adventure. A minor victory for a minor treasure. 'Twas a good plan. A well executed plan. But if the treasure doesn't present itself whatareyougonnado?

Bounty Hunter gets his golem, Konvict gets a week in factions, and I get my brand new sleeves.

Just another day.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

'Til next time!

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