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Episode 111: Who is HaZe? (Part 1 of 2)

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"Who is HaZe?"

A question that's been asked by many philosophers over the eons attempting to crack life's great mysteries.

Today I answer that question.

HaZe: "Wow, you got my buddy's Inquisitor's Resolution and AoF. Good Job."
HaZe, the Man Wearing Pink: "Looks like you got his Orny too."


HaZe, the Man Wearing Pink: "I wouldn't say anything either. Douche."

Chad Sexington: "You are mistaken, sir."
HaZe, the Confused Man Wearing Pink: "Lol. Whatever."
HaZe, the Confused Man Wearing Pink: "I know the truth."
HaZe, the Confused Man That Enjoys Wearing Pink: "My buddy just lost the same blessed artifacts that you're wearing."
Chad Sexington: *checks self to make sure he's wearing the same blessed arties he's had for years*
HaZe, the Confused Man That Enjoys Wearing Pink: "You know what you did."
HaZe, the Sexually Confused Man That Enjoys Wearing Pink: "Just remember. Karma always catches up with you."

I walk away from the crazy man and I'm convinced he's just a lost confused newbie. And yet... something stirs my blood. He issues a warning with his sexually confused accusations. My life flashes before my eyes and all I see are broken hearts, stolen bandages, power scrolls, and dead miners. And I come up with only one conclusion:

Karma is an unforgiving wench.

The sins of my past has finally caught up with me! This is troubling news indeed! I grab my sandals, finish my hot cocoa, dabble into my bag of tricks, look into my crystal ball to find my next course of action and... my destination is clear!

They say that new artifacts bound with Power, Vanquishing, and Mystic power are dropping from a new invading force of Demons. They say Dark Fathers have finally poked their ugly faces into the savage world of Felucca whose Doom Artifacts that I've always wanted to get my hands on are ripe for the taking! They say that three new powerful treasures are spawning from the dead bodies of three new hellspawn attacking the city!

The honorable forces of sosaria have heard the beating drums of war whose gauntlet has been thrown at their feet! The forces have amassed! The lines have been drawn!

"To the City of Magincia!" They say!

To the City of Magincia they go!


...and to the City of Magincia I follow!


A victim for my greedy paws... (and no karma in sight).

A new foe ready for the picking...

...followed closely by an old nemesis.

Lord Book Master may have fooled his companions, but I'll have to beat him to the punch. He may have a face of an angel, but we both know he'll stab them in the back the first chance he gets and the first inkling that they have one of the precious artifacts in their packs.

(The game is afoot.)

And as I plot and scheme and admire my masterful skills in stealth from afar...

...I'm reminded of how over inflated my self assessment of my skills of stealth are and I blow my cover.



I leave these two alone and hunt for easier prey.

I find it.

I smell new demonic artifacts nearby. I sniff possible Doom Artifacts littering their packs. I use my keen sense of smell and find that... it's not so keen after all!

Daemon Bone Armor!

The power and vanquishing weapons were no where to be found. The Doom Artifacts will have to wait for another day!

I try and keep my cool.

I keep one eye open watching for the others who want the treasure almost as much as myself.

I put myself into position.

I wait.



I head back to the docks very pleased with my performance. I beat Lord Book Master this time. And I did it all underneath the reach of Karma's everwatching eye.

...And I did it despite HaZe's woeful warning.

Q: Who is HaZe?
A: Just some babbling random newbie.

'Til next time!

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