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Episode 177: The gift that keeps on giving. (Part 3 of 4)

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Hail friends,

It looks like 100+ luck armor wasn't the only treasure Ilshenar had to offer after all.

Intent on doing more dungeon diving, I wake in my tower and head towards the town stables... and I find myself face to face with the most nefarious of scenes!


I barely new you.


Who was it? Why would they do this? Was it a disgruntled stealth archer? A frustrated tamer? A miner with payback on the brain? I check for a trail but it's much too late. His body has already decayed and the culprit was long gone.

I head to the guild boards to try and solve this mystery (and avenge his death!).

Chad Sexington: Why are there Norrar bones in front of the Pawn Shop?
Norrar: *kicks dumb box*


Chad Sexington: I thought I checked it. That's from Hermes.



Chad Sexington: I'm going back for it.

Lord Hermes!

The tamer who's body I looted in the lands of Ilshenar the day before! Earlier this morning, I sifted through yesterday's haul searching for valuables. In the proccess of doing this I threw some apples & pears on the grass, threw a single seed away, checked a unlocked crate for dart traps, and tossed it all on the ground!

This is why Hermes didn't run after he died. This is why Lord Arsene remained hidden and watched. This is why Norrar died today. And this was my calling for today's adventure!

I walk the lands looking for endangered newbies or at least lightly armored victims. (After checking the explosion trapped chest myself, I found that I could survive it's blast with my GM armor.) I check dungeons, homes, houses, and keeps. Where specifically you ask? I can't tell you that now. I plan to go back to those locations in the very near future.

What I can tell you is that eventually I find my travels leading to Umbra Bank. I arrive just in time to catch Antzy Pantz of Envy.

She was atop an etheral beetle and entering a red gate.

I wait.


(One one-thousand.)

(Two one-thousand.)

(Three one-thousand.)


I go.

I don't recognize the goegraphy immediately, but it doesn't matter. I find myself in front of a private log cabin with even more Envy Inside.

From a quick glance at their armor, I'm guessing a single blast would blow either of them away. But how to get them out from their very secure house?

*happy face*

I place Hermes' crate on the ground in front of their house -- close enough to see from inside and feel a (false) sense of security, but far enough so their dead body would be outside the house's walls.

I wait and it wasn't working. I inch forward and find the house empty!

(They'd be back.)

Perhaps I wasn't using the right bait?

I pick it up, stuff single pieces of spider silk inside and put it back in its place (now displaying 7 tantalizing mystery items).

A magical gate opens (on the exact spot as the gate I came in on).

Antzy Pantz and Lloth pop out of the gate with a rune beetle right behind.

Lloth spots the 7 item containing crate on the ground, approaches the crate and--


I move in and start looting with the master-less rune beetle and nightmare starring at me with sad, sad faces. It takes a few brief seconds for Antzy Pantz to spot me and instead of attacking immediately... she turns to run inside.

I continue looting while Antzy Pantz gives Lloth a rez. She pops to life and heads toward the front door (with her "all kill" command ready to be screamed). But before I go, I snatch up Hermes' crate and just like that...

...I'm gone like a thief in the night. (Literally, actually. ^^)

Lolth starts running around in circles trying to spot me. I start stealthing around in reverse circles trying to snoop her and her friend.

But they soon both disappear.

I take a look at my belongings and find that I'm the proud new owner of a 100% LRC suit and a fabulous purple dress!

I head back to town to tell everyone the good news.

'Til next time!

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