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Episode 282: The Recruits and The Code

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Hail friends,

Another day, another recruit.

Yeah, I know. I've said guild recruitment was closed time and time again.

Truth be told, the recruitment process keeps evolving. The latest twist and turn states that all future guild members must submit steals as guests -- non-guilded thieves -- without any promise that a spot on the recruitment stone will ever open up. I've always said that you can tell a lot about a thief by the way they steal (and the way they talk, walk, write, and carry themselves). This is just the latest progression of that same line of reasoning.

(And besides, a life without yellow robed men running around... is a life in which I want no part.)

*shudders at the thought*

(The yellow robed men won't murder themselves!)

After the hilarity of Native Canadian's failed attempt at being sneaky subsided, there were two thieves that had already fulfilled the "non-guilded steal submitting" requirement by the time the dust had settled: Corpse and Dieaxilus. Corpse was already on the stone and today, Dieaxilus was hanging around the tower.

I invite him in.

He passed.


(To Luna!)

Dieaxilus passed the test and the guild had increased by +1.

After a little snooping and a little stealing, all seemed right in the world.


Public Posting by Dieaxilus:
I returned, and was wandering in Luna. (I think i should find more interesting places to steal from people, but Siege is not very inhabited) And I saw a member of [NEW] here - EvilMage. Stole 94 gold from him, understood that he was thief too but i didn't care. Then i stole a shield from his pack horse, which he attempted to steal from. Died several times due to guards, because shield weights 8 stones. Well - just had some fun and didn't screen those nasty things. Afterwhile i noticed Evilmage was speaking to Salron. (read the journal)

"I understood that he was a thief too but I didn't care."

(Didn't he just take "The Test" and already know what happens to code-breaking thieves?)

*shakes head*

*rolls up sleeves*

I have a one-way conversation with Grey Mullet:

Chad Sexington: I just put Dieaxilus on the recruitment stone.
Chad Sexington: Keep an eye on him.
Chad Sexington: If it's not worth the risk, we'll just murder him and get it over with.
Chad Sexington: ...
Chad Sexington: Alright, I convinced myself... haha.
Chad Sexington: He's a dead man.
Chad Sexington: Get your vollum.

*runs off to do some reconnaissance on the recruits*

Chad Sexington: Jareth, are you on?
Chad Sexington: 'Guild Only' chat.
Jareth: Yeah, why?
Chad sexington: Covert-op.
Jareth: Sounds like fun.

I set up inside and the others scout around outside.

They soon spot Dieaxilus on the steps of Luna.

(To the tower!)

With Grey Mullet, Dave, Jareth, and BillCosby already waiting, Dieaxilus runs inside the tower and the rest was just a formality.

I just needed the right lure.

(A mission of great importance!)

(The big fat kill.)

(I thought you knew that.)

Was it glorious? Not as glorious as I would have liked.

But was it necessary? Absolutely.

It was sad more than anything. I'm not in the habit of guilding other thieves just to kill them. The timing between "recruitment" and "story" just sucked. He's soon dropped from the stone and banned from the tower. I drop a copy of The Code next to his embarrassing corpse and call it a day. In the end, it all came down to one question:

Is there a Code or isn't there?

(There is.)


'Til next time!

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