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Episode 283: Modern Technology 6

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Hail friends,

Personal hygiene is a valuable and under-rated commodity in today's unhygienic and modern world. Chief among these unhygienic concerns is the need for a steady stream of clean underpants. It's true that most people with dirty underpants just aren't changing as often as they should. It's also true that at least one of these unhygienic people is pathetically anti-social, detrimentally socially awkward, and has built a website for a guild that requires the constant story writting by all its members.

(What an asshole.)


*notices the flag on the mailbox is up*

*skips outside and checks for mail*

(What's this?)

*cracks open book*

*runs off to get clean underpants*

*hopes no one notices*

"I have an idea."

"Let's write stories."


(What an asshole.)

'Til next time!

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