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Episode 134: Overweight and Overburdened

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excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions.

I take my gold and make my rounds.

Sometimes you want it all and walk away with nothing.

Then again... sometimes you walk away with everything.

(I wonder what it'll be today?)

I follow my nose to the Dungeon of Destard and I finally find someone foolish enough to screw around with the newly buffed up dragons (with newly buffed up loot?).

Strider of D*S was here testing his luck.

(I decide to give luck a helping hand.)

I peek his pack and find all kinds of interesting treasures.

And I find a dangerous dance he plays with the beasts. Invis, step to the side, and loot. Invis, fizzle, run away, and heal. Provoke, energy vortex, and loot.

(A man of many talents. And a man with top of the line gear.)

I watch him zip back and forth to drop off gold that is overflowing from his pockets. He drops off the gold, but not his uninsured treasures.

I've seen enough.

But do you kill a llama riding man with maxed out resists? What if he flees? Then again... why would he? He obviously has already spent his life's fortune on the suit he wears now. His concentration is already primed from soloing the dragons. In fact, if anyone was to be in danger it would be me!

Ah-ha! A challenge!

I take out my dagger and await my own suicide.

Tonight it would be him or me.

I find what I'm looking for and see my opportunity.

Strider loots another dragon to the north.

Strider casts Strength on himself.

If it weren't for his magical spell, Strider would be overweight.


I flip through my spellbook for my Weaken spell.

The plan was simple: Wait for the next volley of attacks to land on him, mount my ethereal steed, cast my Weaken spell, throw a deadly poisonous shuriken, and watch as he tries to run away as he runs out of stamina as he suddenly finds himself overburdened and unable to move!


The moment comes and I make my move.

First my Weaken spell and then my shuriken. Haven't already tracked him, I grab my dagger, prepare a death strike, and move in for the kill.

And then the plan falls apart.

I must've only been 1 or 2 stones short of maxing him out and slowing him to a crawl. Strider does the unimaginable and dashes for the exit. (If he only knew how harmless I really am.)

Strider doesn't stop running.

Strider doesn't turn and fight.

Strider doesn't even give me the pleasure of a sweet demise.

*slaps forehead*

Back into that same goddamn ivory tower he goes.


The Ivory Tower! The bane of my existance! The sanctuary where there should be no sanctuary! (How many runners were friended to this tower anyway!?)

The obsurdity! The madness!

(I'll have to do something about that tower.)



I kill a scripter to make myself feel better.

Ah... balance restored.

What's that you say?

I should've taken the ring or warfork from the start? Gee, yeah. That's a good idea. Lemme write that down. And while I'm busy writing can you hand me my very pretty dress?


(You make me sick.)

'Til next time!

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