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Episode 289: A Mighty Fine Hat

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Hail friends,

From the roof of the Barter Town Tower, I spot a funny man wearing an equally funny hat.

I decide to take a closer look.

Mr. Silk!

The jester's-hat-wearing citizen from the other day, at Luna Bank.

(I'd recognize that book anywhere.)

He heads around the corner, to Enkil's house of horrors.


('Tis the Loot Box.)


Mr. Silk: Chad Sexington!!!

(Well... they are.)

Mr. Silk: So I've been looking for action in Atlantic, and here.
Mr. Silk: Hence this man in the dapper hat.
Chad Sexington: I see, I see.

(Well... it is.)

Chad Sexington: Good, good.

This was all well and good (and my ego was sufficiently stroked), but it was time to steer things in a slightly more bloody direction.

(He's excited!)


(What the...?)



(There was armor in the crate.)

Mr. Silk: There was also a key!
Mr. Silk: I've now locked your crate!


(To the roof!)

*rolls up sleeves*

(Doo da-doo.)

*whistles innocently*


*waits patiently for the screams of a jester's-hat-wearing man*

Drakes and Dragons: RAAAAAAWRRRR!

"He was wearing a jester's hat! What about the jester's hat!?" yells the angry mob of citizens whilst waving around heated branches and pointy sticks.

Let the record show that Mr. Silk was thoroughly snooped prior to the casting the alleged death gate. Furthermore, a second return gate back to the tower roof was also cast. This gate was sent after a sufficient amount of time (for Mr. Silk's death) had passed. Consequently, if Mr. Silk failed to take the return gate back to the tower, no blame for any jester's-hat-wearing deaths may be put upon any death-gate-casting thieves.


'Til next time!

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