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Episode 212: I just killed a man.

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Hail friends,

One question has bubbled up front and center in the inner most recesses of my mind... (Also on very public bulletin boards!):

Am I a hero or am I a villain?

Unable to come up with an answer all on my lonesome, I look to others to answer this question for me... by force!

Lord Ektallion of the Wispwood Shire.

He calls for a gate to brighten my day, gets my palms all hot and sweaty in all the right ways, and then... he cancels his spell and heads off for the stairs!

(A wiley one.)

Atop his pup, he doesn't waste any time.


Gone. Gone where?

So many gates. So little time.


I go with my gut and head to Yew.

(Damn, I'm good.)

Am I really this lucky? I pit stop at some high end vendor malls?

(I check his pockets has he buys nothing.)

(He also calls another gate... without any reagents. So he does have something I like after all. ^^)

The gate opens and he jumps through.

I wait.


(One one-thousand.)

(Two one-thousand.)

(Three one-thousand.)


I go.


It looks like Lord Ektallion's been busy.

I watch and wait and find the pattern in the puzzle. There is a secret here, the key to victory, and it was my job to find it.

He steps, he stutters, and he commands his pup. He's already dismounted, he's already pre-occupied, and he's ripe for the taking. His life stays up and his pup's life goes down.

"All kill."
"An Lor Xen!"
"In Vas Mani!"
"In Vas Mani!"
"In Vas Mani!"
"In Vas Mani!"


(All I needed to know.)

The tsuki wolves go down and Lord Ektallion fills his pockets.

I wait for his pockets to get fat. I wait for another round of greater heals cast on his pet (and his mana pool empty).

I get in close, mount my steed, grab my kryss, grab my poisonous darts, and prepare a death strike...

...and I make my move!

It was perfect -- beautiful even.

Poisoned, tracked, and death strucken, it was over before it began. His pup fends for himself, Lord Ektallion ducks to the south, and five steps later he eats dirt.

(Flawless victory.)

My new suit (along with 10k in gold) was even better than I imagined. Not only 100% LRC, but a spined leather luck suit!

I stay to wait for his return (or maybe even some friends) but the night grows old. I take the spoils of war back to the bank and find him waiting, re-stocking, un-phased by a most grusome violation.

I decide to introduce myself. (An act that separates the heroes from the villains.)

Chad Sexington: 50k
Lord Ektallion: No thx.


I throw my loot on my Barter Town vendor and call it a day.

Am I a hero or am I a villain?

"You're an opportunistic jerk!" the peanut gallery yells out in my direction -- but gets drowned out by my huge amounts of denial.



(I guess we'll never know.)

*sad face*

'Til next time!

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