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Interview with a THIEF

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With the many "Mis-adventures of Chad Sexington" flowing freely as of late, and noticing that episode 100 is fast approaching, I decided my first interview should be one of interest to the citizens of Napa valley. Off I went in search of this infamous thief to see if I could have a few minutes of his time. Perhaps the citizens of Felucca just mis-understand him. After all, even a thief has feelings right? My search doesn't take me far as I find Chad sitting upon the great white throne of Luna. Clad in a dark hooded robe he seemed to be very calm. yet I am sure he was ever watchful of his surroundings.

  • Thank you for taking this time to meet with me

    My pleasure I like being interviewed.

  • While some would call you a thief, others may think you as Napa's "keeper of the Lost and found". How do you see your role here in Napa Valley's Community?

    If I'm doing my job right then no one will see me until it's too late. For the community? Thieves are the the third pillar between the innocents & the murderers. And who are these "other" you speak of? Hmm?

  • A good reporter never divulges their source. Even reporters have a code to follow.

    For the record: My code can beat up your code.

  • Which is a good reason for me to stay out of dark places.


  • *Recovering from a brief moment of intimidation I continued*

    What led you to the way of a thief?

    I've done everything else. I started as a miner, then a thief, then did the whole pvm tour of Britannia, I've played as a crafter, and finally entered the pvp scene. And after it all, I realized that the most fun I ever had playing the game was as a thief. So instead of closing my account and quitting UO forever, I decided to give it one more go. Besides, I'm anti-social, furniture will only make you so much money. I was only a mediocre mage in pvp, plus there was more glory to be had.

  • How long has this "one more go" taken you?

    Until they retire the 2D client. Then I'll have to look at UO again. Right now it looks like when that happens, I'll get back into pvm, see all the sights with all the new graphics (and finally try the ML dungeons for once, I've never been) and maybe quit then.

    The Mis-adventures will end with the 2D client, that's for sure.

  • You mentioned furniture. I do seem to recall your home as being one of the premier furniture vendor locations at one time. Was the change to thieving the reason for the new vendor style?

    I ended the furniture shop for a lot of reasons. Mostly because I felt like I was already successful at it and there was no more room to move "up." I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish with that vendor house.

  • Some see UO as an outlet to role-play alter egos. Does the Persona of Chad Sexington express the personality of the player behind the screen?

    Yes. ^_^

  • The Adventures of Chad Sexington is fast approaching 100 episodes. did you think it would go this far when you first started them?

    "Mis-adventures" But yes... if I had enough interesting tales to tell. I think like most people, when I started, I thought Felucca might have been too deserted to play a thief in today's UO. The champion spawns got old fast, but to my surprise, there were many other victims to find all over Britannia. My original goal was 200.

    Stealing at champion spawns is my least favorite place to steal. I have a lot more fun stalking people. But sometimes I go to them just to be somewhere where there are people and something to steal. They're so predictable. And a lot of the episodes at the spawns are my least favorite ones to read or write.

  • Even with your tales being told in all the taverns, it seems some people never learn to watch their backs.

    Well that's part of it. If I went to Despise every day and every night, there would be no way I'd ever get a scroll off. In UO, everything is stacked against the thief, if people are prepared. Whenever you see me get a scroll is when people are unprepared or sloppy.

  • I understand you are the Guild master THIEF


  • And you are now promoting Men In Pink?

    Not "promoting", as if I'm actively recruiting. I just established Men in Pink as the THIEF Recruitment Stone to filter out some of the... uh...
    Stop me when you want to. *happy face*

  • I understand.

    So should people fear a rash of "Men In Pink"? Or would you rather people make it harder for them?

    Like the famous phrase goes, "You should never fear a man in pink." (Or so I've been told.) I think that applies here.

    You know, I've gotten a couple of people that message me saying "How do you find so many people in felucca!?" I tell them, there really aren't that many people. People read my episodes, they private message me wanting to join the guild, so I meet them in-game and join them into the guild. I'll see them for about a week, then gone. Never again. It wasn't for them.

    Now, the same thing happens, but I get screen-shots of them in ridiculous pink robes.

  • So should I start spreading the message "Come to Felucca and donate to a worthy cause?

    You can spread whatever message you like (the same goes for all other people). I don't see myself as spreading any message. I'm the person who inspect the people who follow any message, I'm not the messenger.

  • An interesting view to say the least. What would you consider your crowning moment thus far?

    Hm. That's a tough question. I'll go by episodes. Episode 13 is still my favorite. I may have a different answer if I get interviewed again later on. I have big plans.


  • Is there an interesting fact about you that most people do not know? Perhaps a soft spot for Vorpal Bunnies?

    My first day logging on to UO was on the Pacific shard. I died five times and didn't know you could resurrect. So I threw my arms up saying "that's stupid you can't delete characters for one week?" And started new characters on Napa.

  • I thank you for your time and I am sure there are people waiting to "donate" to a good cause. Is there anything you would like to add before we bring this interview to a close?

    I'd like to give a shout out.

  • Oh boy, lol

    This goes out to all the pretty ladies... It's more of a poem actually. I call it "My Gift to the World" by Chad Sexington.
    *clears throat*

    Underpants may keep you warm.
    Underpants may keep you safe.
    Yet, underpants will do no harm,
    if underpants are misplaced.

  • Hmm... I may have to check with my editors about that one.

    Tell them I dedicate it to them as well. I'm sure it'll be fine. *happy face*

    I had to laugh.

    Thank you Chad I do appreciate you taking the time for this.

    Any time!

*Reporters note:
Before I had the chance to say anything else Chad Sexington vanished. I looked around but saw no one. As I went to place my quill back into my pack I noticed this card.

Thanks Chad... I think.

by Dreamwolf
UO Stratics Napa Valley News Reporter


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