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Episode 103: The Realm, The Waryor, and The Cunning.

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Hail friends,

Another night and another day at the Gate of Yew. Lil Waryor & Lord Book Master exchange verbal blows. Nothing stops the endless bloodshed and non-stop cock-grabbery of the over compensating combatants.

One shot to the left. A second stream to the right. And another zips by over head as I duck just in time... still getting sprinkled by the acid rain.

The pissing contest was well underway.

A head!


All too easy. I know it's coming. I know it.

I move in anyway.

I know it and yet I can't resist.

The sausages were packed in tight. From the south and the north, there wasn't a clean angle to take.

With my luck, two others already in battle flash the screen and break up the sausage fest.

I wait for the moment. I reach out my hand. And all I'm rewarded with is that dreaded message that loves me so:

"This item has no value to you."


(I disguise my disgust with my new found greeting.)

I turn my attention to Book Master's well dressed friend.


I wet myself at the sight of the messy pack. The verbal jabs continue all around. I have some time, but I would still have to act fast. It started as a light sprinkle, but the urine was flowing freely now. I eyeball one bow, dodge a squirt from behind, and note the insurance on the next.

I look again and find something to my liking.

A wand? A grand wand!

I set my sights and go to work.

Again, I don't bother running. A 1 stone item was nothing to fear.

I dive back in.

And there it is!

The treasure that is worth my troubles! A very rare and valuable magical sash indeed!

Their words are big. Their words are bold!

(Their words meant nothing to me.)

I take my sash and Lord Book Master was the only one to even blink at the sight of me. Why run? I turn the corner and pleasure myself with my new treasure.

Another night and another day at the Gate of Yew.

I thank thee, and good night!

'Til next time!

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