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Episode 132: Crying was involved in the making of this story.

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Hail friends,

Were these tears of joy or tears of pain? Whatever they were and wherever they came from one thing is certain: Crying was involved in the making of this story.

Let me tell you a secret:

If a guild really didn't want any scrolls stolen from them, there wouldn't be a damn thing I could do about it. If a guild was prepared and meticulous in their power scroll hunting ways, I would go home crying every time. At first I thought it was carelessness. At first I thought it was their clumsy, goofy, newbie ways that got the best of them. But that's not it at all.

They just get too comfortable.

But that's the trick. It's not a flaw on their part, it's not super-human-ness on my part, it's just part of the game. Just step away from the spawns for a while and watch it happen right before your eyes. Their stealther checking skills become sporadic, their reflexes slow, and their scrolls become ripe for the taking.

I've been checking the spawns for weeks now (at odd hours) and I finally find playmates to play with. I reach the alter with no one to greet me except for a throw-a-way 115 Focus scroll and 3 white skulls.

I wait.

And Blackrose of KOS is my first clue of what is to come.

I wait a little more and find a blue alliance of KOS and ROFL.

(Jabba takes a dirt nap and life goes on.)

The silver serpents come to life as the red ViXen and Doska pay me a visit. I keep still. I stand my ground.

But it's not use.

The polar bear riding Genocide comes in, checking corners, and...


Genocide bumps into me from the west and a moment later I'm cornered from the south. The earthquakes start singing my name as I circle around out the east and back from the west.

Some time has passed, I quicken my pace, and find Baracoon barely scratched. (I still had time.)

ViXen and Doska jump across the bridge towards the star room.

(Oh really...?)

But no time for them now. I make myself comfortable at the southern end of the island as No'Revoir and Shhh Ill Cry rain hell down upon the giant rat.

Genocide returns and stops short 1 tile from my location. I take a peek into his belongings but don't find anything too exciting.

With Genocide too pre-occupied with the blackrock infected rat behind him, he fails to check for stealthers a second time.

(His mistake.)

Coon drops and I set my eyes on No'Revoir.



No such luck.

I cross my fingers and try again.


But with two greys, three blues, an angry red behind me, and two more reds in the star room, how would I get it away from the crying one?

Blackrose gives me what I need.

"Anything good?" Blackrose asks.

I give the crying one a few second to ponder the answer (and to move his hand from his mouse to type his response) and I make my move.

The crying one takes one step to the right leaving me between the four others. It makes no difference at this point. I take my step, I am revealed, I snatch the scroll, and dash across the bridge.

They must've all been busying figuring out if they got anything good because I was half-way across the bridge before YUNA gives chase!


I take the long way around and recall away when the coast is clear. And who do I find at the bank with her newly summoned, gold filled horde minion?

Ah, the star of today's episode!

(And with the wraith having her fill, the island must be clear my now.)

I return to fill my pockets with my well earned gold.

No one but Jabba returns to interrupt me.

I take my gold, Jabba takes his, I give him the secret handshake and life goes on.

"Anything good?"

(Finders keepers.)

'Til next time!

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