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Episode 270: Modern Technology 4

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Hail friends,

Mailboxes are wonderful devices... but only if weilded correctly.

*notices the flag on the mailbox is up*

*skips outside and checks for mail*

(A stupid-baby-lizard-thing...?)

*shakes head*

Where are the messages from angry miners? Where are the death threats from veangful pvpers? Where are the death threats from Native Canadian? Where is the hate mail from NEW supporters? Where is the chest thumping and crotch grabbing from Anck-Su-Namun? (Where are the poor attempts at being sneaky from Pola?)

Woe is my mailbox.

Woe is me.

*notices the flag on the mailbox is up*

*skips outside and checks for mail*

I let the mailbox contents grow and... this is what I recieve!?

(A pair of ingots and more stupid-baby-lizard-things... that are soon to die horrible, horrible deaths?)

*looks closer*

(What's this?)

Ah-ha! The Teacher's Edition from the Ministry Academy IDOC the other day.

I bet there are all kinds of dirty stories (and sketches!) inside this manual of seduction. A dirty academy for dirty students, taught by a dirty teacher.



*cracks open book*


Reginald got an F- from the Head Master Fury...?

Uh-oh, he's going to get it now. Extra assignments and/or detention?

(I bet he'd like to "head master" her "fury.")



But I digress; Living in such a world with wonders such as these, shouldn't we take more pride in what we put into others' mailboxes? Shouldn't we take more responsibility? This is an age like no other that we live in. This is an age where we're all given the tools in which to exact our revenge (in letter form!). But instead of everlasting bliss with unending possibilities... accused Cheaty McCheatersons are choosing to keep their rebuttals to themselves and IDOC mongers are choosing instead to write in their private diaries, weeping alone with their tears of boredom. (And thieves are choosing to make unnecessary jokes about "head mastering" other people's "furies.")

Alas, such is the age we live in.

So much potential. So much waste.

'Til next time!

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