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Episode 074: It seems I am discovered!

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Hail friends,

It seems I am discovered!

This is troubling news. Very troubling news. A spy! There must be a spy in my midst! Some how, some way, it seems the general populace has gained wind that I am a thief! Perhaps I've been clumsey. I must have overlooked something. I must! But what if this is just the beginning? What if they've caught on to my tricks? What if they know where my treasure is buried? What if they know my deepest, darkest secrets? If they only knew what goes on in this head of mine! What if they've been watching me while I galavant in the night and assume I am alone? The public humiliation! The shame they could bring on my house and my name!

(Note to self: Female underpants is for females... until further notice.)

This will require further investigation.

But until that time, I must act like I've not caught on to their trickery. And so, I do what I always do when my head needs to be cleared; I spot the first red gate I can find and let nature take its course.

Three /US\ members have already jumped through... /US\...? A rare sight these days. Their very appearance peeks my interest. The pair of death robes does not bode well for me and my greedy paws. The freshly dead have never been known to be the wealthiest of citizens.

I pause before the magical portal, but really... how could I not?

I find myself at the steps of their guildhouse. And my appearance is noticed... as if expected! Something foul in their eyes tips me off to their plan.

(Stay calm Chad. You're over reacting. No need to fret. You're just a honest newbie who's lost his way. "Help me! Help me! I've lost my way!" you'll say.)

(They'll never suspect a thing.)


The other two seek cover inside while Lady Madison of Troy double-checks their home security... while I inspect her.

And just like I thought... slim pickings.

Then another appears, and the guise of their good will and good intentions now falls on deaf ears.

They think they can fool me with their friendly red... but I see through their trap.

(Nice try.)

And then the unexpected... poison fields! My only weakness. How could they know?

With nothing left for me hear (and my cover as a wandering newbie blown), I take one final peek into their packs and make my leave.


Very troubling news.

Perhaps there's been wanted posters with my likeness posted in the middle of town square! Too many questions. I rest and turn to Despise later that night...

...and I wasn't alone.

G!B was out and about. And their anti-Chad fields aplenty...

It's too late. The secret is out. (As if someone's been writing down my adventures and sharing to the rest of the world.)





(No one's that narcissistic.)

Whatever it may be... I make the most of the situation.

First two, then three others join their little red friend.

And whatever they did, they're very good, because it didn't take long before The Piper was summoned once again.

Three others stand to the north, but are out of my line of sight. It would be Harru who'd be my target. I pause, I wait, then I make my move.


I choose incorrectly.

They stand around and gather gold.

They walk about and I risk a second move and risk detection.

My cover is blown, but again... nothing. The two rats jump the gate and I give chase.

They didn't look too happy.

Three poison fields laid down and... they form a formation at the gate. (So they did want to play after all.)

With two packs snooped, only two more remained. I target the closest one and see what I can see.

115 Animal Lore!

(Really? 115 Animal Lore again? *shakes head*)

The poison thrower jumps the gate, one of the rats regains his human form, and their guard drops.

The field to my right fades and I take advantage.

Harru gives chase... but soon realizes I've long gone.

I stand outside, the victor.

And the gate calls to me, taunting me to go in once more. There was still one more G!B to snoop.

I give in and test my luck.

I approach as fast as I can. But just like that...

...he's gone.

I return home victorious and yet my mind is troubled. I'll have to track down the culprit of my latest woes. The one who writes down my adventures for all to see for his own personal gain (and ego!).





(No one's that narcissistic.)

'Til next time!

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