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Episode 235: One year, two months, and twelve days.
(Part 7 of 12)

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Hail friends,

With the success of the morning brightening my spirits, it was the beginning of a beautiful day of mayhem and mystery.

(And as it turns out, more mayhem than mystery.)

The land of sosaria can be a dangerous place -- especially on Siege Perilous.

You could be minding your own business, making mental notes for future hijinks, running an errand at the bank, gate back home and... have a murderer follow you through your own magical gate. There are a lot of strangers that mean to do you harm. They can come from the strangest of places and the most distant of towns. And sometimes, danger is much closer (and much stranger) than you think.


(Just the man I wanted to see.)

He takes refuge inside the tower while Kage runs in circles outside... but he soon grows bored (with his feelings hurt) and leaves.

I show him the friended chests filled with armor, jewels, and everything else you could think of. I show him the crate maze on the third floor and ask him to come to the roof to look at my new collection.

I could keep my silence no longer!

With all the new recruits running around, this very well may be my fatal flaw. What's better than executing a great steal?


--Telling other people how great you really are, of course!

Private Posting by Chad Sexington:
115 Spellweaving
115 Eval
120 Parry

I'd tell you how I got them but... it's an on-going covert-op.

I invite Angus to the rooftop and see the proof of my latest (secret) deed. And he cracks his knuckles and does his best to crack the code.

Angus: Here's my theory.

Angus: You have an alt, a secret alt that no one knows about and he's in Gilfane.
Angus: That way.
Angus: You can obtain items.
Angus: Via SNEAKY methods.
Angus: And they'll never suspect.
Chad Sexington: Ha!
Chad Sexington: This is all with Chad and it's not a scam.

("Scam" a.k.a. "The easy way.")

Chad Sexington: You're about a 3 or 4.
Angus: Dammit.

That's the only clue I give him and I've probably said too much.

And then the crux of the matter:

Angus: Do I need to open a crate?

(A leftover crate from the Barter Town extravaganza sits beside me.)

(He's good.)

Angus: Try it on Jackal. It'll work. ^^

(You win this round, Angus. But we'll meet again.)

*pumps fist*

An hour later, I spot my next victi -- I mean, recruit.


I friend him to the tower and give him the grand tour.

(My collection!)

And here we...




(But that wouldn't be nearly as funny.)

Sweeney pops out with a look of disgust on his face.

(I swear!)

An hour later, I spot the third mark this evening and I put on the charm.


(I had the act down cold at this point.)

And again, I give him the grand tour.

I set him up with some leftover LRC to gain his trust.

I make sure he's well conversed with "my collection."

(To the roof!)

(He's impressed...!)

"Oh, and by the way..."


"THE CODE! WHAT ABOUT THE CODE, DAMNIT." An old and decrepit thief shakes his broomstick at me.

"It wasn't me! I swear!" I repeat to the hard-headed old man.


And besides, "The Code" is more like suggestions of common courtesy, more so than an actual list of rules.

(At least it does with recruits.)


But was this all in good fun or was it the beginning of the end? This cloud of uncertainty hangs over me now, just because I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

(My mouth will be my downfall, either at the conclusion of this venture or the next.)

...1 weeks passes and it was time to tie up a loose end.

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