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Episode 153: Vending is serious business.

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Hail friends,

They say the universe works in mysterious ways... and I'm convinced that for some, it works more mysteriously than for others.

Tonight's adventure takes place over this night and the last. Let me start from the beginning.

You know the old saying:

"A home isn't a home without any furniture... and containers to store your loot.

I know this, you know this, and my home was not a home.

(Not yet, anyway.)

After an uneventful outing from Minoc to Vesper to Britain to Yew to Trinsic, stealthing and shadow jumping, criss crossing the mainland in search of adventure, I find a house with something a little more practical...

A furniture shop.

I buy what I can but I need much, much more. It was owned by The Chick. Her bulletin board said to leave a message with your orders and to pick them up later.

I do.

I did.

And I return the following day.

(What's this?)

Xeroth on the left, The Chick on the right and King DaviD in the middle.

I think about revealing myself and inquiring about my order...

...but old habbits die hard.

Some tools, some potions, some knick-knacks and some doo-hickies.

No runics.


I move to Plan B and make contact. My order is ready. I go to the gate to go to her house... and so does she.

Half way from the gate to her house she passes me by.

King DaviD stands idle in the house inbetween.

Plan C?

(I get into position.)

Armed with mighty katana, atop a speedy mount and aimed in my direction, I pop open his pack to find a blessed ethereal horse and other oddities.

"What to do?" I question.

Opus X (the owner of the house) comes running from the east. "That's all I needed to know." I smile.

I believe Opus X is in a hurry for a reason. I believe Kind David won't do a damn thing if I act quickly. I believe they're both under the same control--

--And I believe Opus X is in a hurry for a reason.

Opus X sandwiches me between David and his mount. I snoop farther into his packs to find a treasure worth working up a sweat for.

I find it.

2 Swords of the Stampede, 1 Talon Bite, 1 Soul Seeker, and 1 Scroll of Alacrity!


With my luck, I set my sights on the 1 stone scroll and ignore the rest.

But how will I ever get the scroll from this one with only my very short legs? How will I ever out pace the mounted warrior with treasure to protect on the brain!? What if I was wrong all along and it wouldn't just be one mounted warrior after me but two!?!?

Opus X gives me what I need.

He steps away.

He steps inside.

He disappears and I get to work.

I dash to the south and keep an eye out as I track him from behind.

(He never moves.)


I wait at the gate as a familiar face passes me by in the night.

I stash my treasure away and return hoping for more.



I revert to Plan B and finish the job.

Now if only I could find a buyer for my brand new scroll.

If only I could get the gold to jump start my new empire that will lead to new fame & fortune...



::A Few Days Later::

'Til next time!

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