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Episode 076: Sticks & Stones

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Hail friends,

Man in Flamboyant Orange: I'll gladly fight you any time. For gold if you'd like.


Man in Flamboyant Orange: 10m?
sir chron: Yew Fel.

Them's fightin' words!

And we all know what comes with fightin' words. Hightened emotions, tunnel visioned carelessness, and if we're very, very lucky... wealthy trammelian spectators! I stick around and listen in on their pissing contest.

Man in Flamboyant Orange: I'll get ganked there. Go to Jhelom Fel.

sir chron: Name?
Man in Flamboyant Orange: TekNik.

I know of this mage. We've crossed paths before. But he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

"The 3 Hit Wonder" they call him. A legendary fencer. Some say no mortal can withstand no more than three swings of his blade. Others say he has a mutant third testicle.

What ever and how ever sir chron got his name, one thing was for certain: The challenger had his work cut out for him.

So, the players are set, the battlefield has been picked, and if I'm very, very lucky, some trammelian straglers will also take the bait.

sir chron wastes no time pronouning his greatness to the world:

He was obviously a warrior of incredible phisique. (Ruggedly handsome and boyish good looks!) They say the ladies like to touch his muscles while he combs his picture perfect hair. "Lies!" they'd say in disbelief, but I tell you it's true!

This was to be a duel of the ages. A duel of great consequence if the reaction from the bank crowd was any indication. Giddy with excitement I hop on over to Jhelom Gate and hope I can slip in unnoticed inbetween all of sir chrom's addoring fans.

And... the mass of addoring fans has disippated! Was I late or early? I take a few moments to scan the surrounding area. With nothing to be found, I head back to Luna.

Ah. Now I was understanding his tactic. He was putting on a show, to get this upstart to offer more and more gold for the duel.

Clever man.

I stick around to watch the gold and the fans to amass.

sir chron keeps on milking it. A lesser man would have given in at 10mil. sir chron keeps at it, and I watch the master at work.

And finally, when the the time was right, when enough gold has been thrown on the table, and when enough of chron's fans had gathered... he throws down the gauntlet.

sir chron: Get ur mage. So I can kill him in 3 hits.
Challenger: k, go to Jhelom sir.

The challenger runs off, unaware of the 3 hit beating he's about to recieve, I crack my knuckles ready to pickpocket some unsuspecting spectators, as sir chron spreads his legs to give his third testicle some breathing room, and pronounces his greatness to the world once more:

sir chron: Hahaha. This is great.

After his pre-emtive declaration of victory over the upstart mage, he puts on his victory shroud of umbra and leaves to greet his victim.

I skitter back to Jhelom and find the challenger ready and waiting.

We wait...


And wait...


And wait some more. But the only one who shows is a man dressed in a very queer shade of pink. Why anyone would subjugate themselves to humiliation by wearing a robe of that color, I have no idea.

*confused face*

The 3 Hit Wonder was no where to be found! Did he get lost? Did he find a more worthy foe on the way over? Whatever it was, the challenger was itching for some action and so was I. He leaves in search of some action...

...and I give chase.

A few duels here, a few duels there, but slim pickings found throughout. Some watch and wait, others join the battle surrounding them. And amidst the choas... a pair of lovers finds a quiet corner with more intimate surroundings.

I snoop a spectator, I snoop the challenger, and then I snoop the snoop the lich--


--A Power Scroll!


I dance my ritual dance in honor the of the God of Good Fortune! I give praise in his name!

And then I look again...

Son of a bitch.



I wasn't going to go empty handed. I sit and wait for those magic words. And perform a very routine steal for a very routine scroll:

Alas, this is the only prize I receive for my troubles this day.


Perhaps it's the only prize that these two could attract? If lesser men such as these could attract a power scroll of this calibur... I can only imagine what treasures a duel with The 3 Hit Wonder could lure!

*happy face*

I run off and find the legendary fencer sitting idle within the safety of Luna. Giving the rest of Felucca a break from his 3 hit fury, no doubt.

'Til next time!

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