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Episode 051: Sheila, the Needy Moongate

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Dear diary,

I've been here since the beginning of time and today is day three-hundred billion, two-hundred million!

Why doesn't anybody love me? Do these stones make me look fat?

I sit here and I wait, as I always have. Sitting and waiting watching these little ones romp around like their are the gods among gods. Ha!

How little they know!

If they only knew this world and everything they hold dear will be gone in 7 years.

*moongate sad face*

And today brings me my latest infestation. They call it the G!B and they say it's contagious. As if the little ones of /US\, [*], GoV, KOS, SUP, and WtF? weren't enough. The doctors say it's a vaginal rash (whatever that means) and should pass in time.

They call this a new age. Ha!

What happened to the days of DoX, W@R, HWM, NvM, SoN, KOS, EoW, XP, and PC?

What happened to the days of OoJ, KFC, I*C, and KDL?

...And still they all just use me and abuse me.

I did it again! Why can't I do anything right? (Another bracelet lost to the void.)

They come and they go, never even stopping to say hello, like I'm invisible.

My only job and purpose in this unverse is to transport these little ones. And no matter how hard I try...

...another victim to the void.

Do you know what today is? It's my three-hundred billionth, two-hundred millionth birthday!

...happy birthday... to.. me..


...how sweet. My last fiance said I was too fat to marry. (I thought "Chubby" was just a cute pet name.)

*goes to the bathroom and throws up once more*

(That'll show him.)

"Malas - Luna"
"Trammel - Britain"
"Felucca - Minoc"
"Malas - Umbra"

What about what I want? What about me? Maybe I want to go somewhere. (Or maybe I want a hamburger... with extra cheese... and triple the fat... Mmmm... carbs & unsaturated fat.)

(It's ok, I'm drinking diet soda. ^^)

And just like that my birthday is over. A blink of the eye in the greater scheme of things.

And so I say good night to the very tiny ferret sitting behind me keeping me company. Good night tiny ferret.

Good night. ^^

(Althought... I did hear that nice ferret did find what he was looking for but it ended in tragedy.)

(What a shame.)

-Sheila, the Needy Moongate

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