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Episode 141: Failed Episodes Vol. 3 - Showdown with GM Willow

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Here I was having a problem quitting an alliance. First dealing with GM Willow then later another one who ended up being useless. I'm still having the same problem. So if anyone knows what's wrong, it'll be much appreciated.

I was also waiting for him to appear in person so I could demand tribute from him. I think he sensed it for he would only communicate with me telepathically.

* * *

First contact. Not an insta-message! Maybe this GM will actually be helpful.

I describe the gumps I am getting on my screen and explain to him that I do not see a "quit alliance" button anywhere I look.

After a little simon-says he comes to the conclusion (as do I) that I'm getting the guild gump for a guild that is not currently part of an alliance instead.

He proceeds to tell me to ask the alliance leader (not me) what options he has on his guild gump first.

::sounds logical to me::

He's a little mistified. He concludes it has to be a bug, repeats again to ask the alliance leader, and if it still can't be resolved to page again.

Then I made my fatal mistake. I forgot it was backwards day.

With no luck with the alliance leader I send another page beginning with "ATTN GM Willow."

I get a canned response from a different GM (I wish I could remember the name, no screen).

He proceeds to tell me that the answer I'm looking for it in their online data base (contrary to what GM Willow just told me).

I spend a few minutes and can not find the answer I'm looking for. (With a wrong menu popping up, how would a help menu with Q & A's help me anyhow?)

I send another page.

I get another canned response this time saying he just double checked, and the answer is indeed on their online data base. Thank you too bad so sad bye-bye.

(Son of a bitch.)

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