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The Thief Forum FAQ

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The Thief Forum FAQ

Before we begin, if you came here looking for answers to questions about scamming easy targets in Trammel, stealing rares from Doom, picking up treasures from crates, or basically, if you're looking to do anything except steal from another player in Felucca -- you are in the wrong place. This FAQ is for the pickpocket profession and nothing else.

This document is very old. The first three sections were written by Crazy Joe & Chaotic Jelly in the years soon after UO's release in 1997-1999. It was then revised by Snoopy & Neon Ninja (with input from Zellorian, Lonegamer, Corran Horn, drewniu, and Grommit) when UO Renaissance & Trammel were introduced in 2000, only to be updated yet again in 2003. The fourth section ("Pulling Off the Theft") was later added onto the original FAQ by Zole. And in the years between 2007-2010, I included three new sections of my own, covering production shards, poisoning, and Siege Perilous. In February 2007, the calculations for the Stealing Formula were posted by EA on a "Five on Friday" and Spock the thief breaks down "The Theft Formula" in the eighth section. This information was lost deep within the UO Thief forums until May 2011, when it was finally recovered. And last but not least, below is the original version of "The Code" written by Brenden & Jamison. The Code was written with consensus from the thieves of the UO Stratics Thief Forum over a decade ago. (Note: Any thief that violates The Code for another forfeits protection of The Code for themselves and then become subject to KOS/SOS by their former brethren.)

In the face of a dwindling thief community, in 2007, I got permission from the thieves that were left on the UO Stratics Thief Forum to feature it here on UO Thief. I've decided to leave the original text from the 2003 version of the FAQ intact while adding notes to outdated sections (and deciding not to re-write them completely). While many other players have written several informational documents found on various other sites, this remains and always will be the definitive and most historic guide for the UO Thief.

Section 1: General Thief Information Section 2: Gaining Skill Section 3: Templates Section 4: Pulling Off the Theft Section 5: A Thief's Guide to Production Shards Section 6: Poisoning Mini-FAQ Section 7: A Thief's Guide to Siege Perilous Section 8: The Theft Formula

~ The Code ~

1. Thou shalt not steal from or loot fellow thieves.
2. Thou shalt not purposely reveal fellow thieves.
3. Thou shalt not identify disguised thieves.
4. Thou shalt not kill fellow thieves.
5. Thou shalt not follow fellow thieves around telling people that they are thieves.
6. Thou shalt offer aid and comfort to fellow thieves when possible.
7. Thou shalt not ask stupid questions that are thoroughly covered in the FAQ.
8. Thou shalt check the forum to see if thine question has already been answered.
9. Thou shalt retain a sense of humor.
10. Thou shalt not call thyself a thief if thou hast not stolen from thine fellow player.
11. Thou shalt remember that thine profession is spelled thief and not theif.

* * *

-Crazy Joe, Chaotic Jelly, Snoopy, Neon Ninja, Zellorian, Lonegamer, Corran Horn, drewniu, Grommit, Zole, Spock the thief, Brendon, Jamison, and Chad Sexington

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