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Section 1: General Thief Information
1.1: What is the difference between Trammel and Felucca?

Ultima Online Renaissance, implemented in May 2000, doubled the world in size by creating a duplicate Britannia that was accessible by use of moonstones found on corpses of monsters, or for sale from other players. Moonstones only work outside of guard zones, and can be used only once. A cheaper way to cross from Felucca or Trammel to the other is to use Moongates - OSI did make facet travel possible with moongates early 2001.

Felluca is the ‘old lands’ where any criminal or murderous act (Stealing, Attacking, and Killing) has consequences. This land is littered with gravestones and bones and the trees have no leaves.

Before July 2002 (Your movement is blocked by animals and people, your area affect spells can turn you into a criminal and others may kill you. If you die, your corpse can be quickly looted before you get back. Almost all towns are subject to random monster spawns. Felluca is the lands of ‘no holds barred’ so to speak. It’s where Men are Men, and Women…are Women. Trammel is the lighter, fluffier, fuzzier side of Ultima Online. The Men are Boys, the Women are Lonely, and the Sheep are afraid. All new players start in Trammel. You may not attack or be attacked by other players at any time. Other people or monsters never block your movement. If you become a criminal, the only way justice can be served is by town guards (you must be in a guard zone). If you die, your corpse is lootable only by you for the first few minutes. The grass is green, flowers bloom, and trees have leaves. Monsters are not allowed in Guard zones. For this reason, many call Trammel, ‘Barney-Land’. There isn’t much room for a Thief in Trammel, but it does have it’s good points, all covered in this FAQ. The more creative evil mind will find many opportunities in Trammel to profit.

In July 2002, "Publish 16" was applied to change the entire system of Felucca. Your movement is blocked by animals and people, but your area affect spells only will hurt reds and grays if you are blue yourself. If you are red, then the area effect spells can hurt everyone. If you die inside or outside of town, your corpse can be quickly looted before you get back. You can't cast any area effect or field spell in town, nor summon monsters or animals. You will turn Gray looting BONES of another blue player now, so dedicated Looters better be careful now.

Dungeons and the Lost Lands were changed as well. Thieves can only rob gold and gems off blues. However, if your victim is gray or red, you can steal anything from them! If you die in a dungeon, you are kicked out and you are not allowed to reenter for 20 minutes. The good news is if you die in the dungeon blue - you ress with just about everything you were carrying! If you die gray though, you lose a good portion of your loot. But the downside is if you see a BLUE corpse in a dungeon or Lost Lands, chances are the loot isn't worth much, and you'll go gray looting the body or bones.*

Also, be aware you are unable to snoop in Trammel, as it is considered an agressive/offensive action.

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