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Section 4: Pulling Off the Theft
4.9: Final Tips

Some final tips!

If you havent managed to quite get that gm hiding yet, you might want to try breaking line of sight! what this means, is that if no ones avatar can "see" you , as in there is something in the way, your chances of hiding incrase greatly! Try running behind houses for a easy hide. When inside a house, even if you arent friended, you can usually seem to hide there. Dont ask me why, but you can! So hiding on house steps makes it easier for you to pull off a hide. Dont carry to much! If your a thief, dont carry 100 of each reg, or to many of anything! You will most probably die a lot early on in your career, not to say that you wont later on :P So try not to carry more than you can afford to loose!

Final Note : I havent included every trick ,technique or every "hotspot." For the simple reason that, half the fun is finding it out yourself! Enjoy.


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