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Section 6: Poisoning Mini-FAQ
6.2: How do you train Poisoning?

**Note: Anti-macro code has been removed a few publishes before. This means you don't have to switch out your fishsteaks if you stop gaining.

The easiest way to gain poisoning with UOA (I've never used EasyUO) is with 50 fishsteaks. UOA allows a maximum of 200 lines of code. Poisoning each fishsteak will take 4 lines:
  1. Use Skill - Poisoning
  2. Use Poison Potion - Item Type
  3. Target Fishsteak
  4. Pause 12000
Repeat this 49 times, poisoning all 50:
  • 0.0 - 39.9 = Lesser Poison
  • 40.0 - 64.9 = Poison
  • 65.0 - 100.0 = Greater Poison
Some people say you should switch to Deadly Poison at around 93. While other people say you should alternate between Greater Poison and Deadly Poison beginning at 90. But it's possible to grandmaster Poisoning with Greater Poison alone.

-Chad Sexington

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