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Section 6: Poisoning Mini-FAQ
6.1: Why would you want Poisoning on a thief?

Sometimes it's easier to kill someone and loot their body instead of picking out a single item from their pack. Let's face it, Felucca isn't as populated as it once was and man of the people left are either day dreaming (not expecting to bump into anyone else) or scriptors. Because of this, many thieves have adopted the ability to kill. Also, the combination of Lethal Poison and Death Strike is surprisingly effective versus anyone who isn't well equipped and/or if they're taken by surprise. Even though it's possible to deliver poison with poisonous shurikens and darts, having the actual Poisoning skill on your template does 3 things for a thief:
  1. The ability to poison your own Shurikens.
  2. The ability to poison your own food, without having to ask anyone else and raising suspicion.
  3. Access to Lethal Poison on my dagger.
If you choose to have Poisoning on your thief at all, you should either go with 80 or 100 skill, depending whether or not you want to deal Lethal Poison 100% of the time.

-Chad Sexington

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