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Section 5: A Thief's Guide to Production Shards
5.11: How should I organize my screen?

I've never seen this mentioned anywhere, but I think it's very imporant. Take a look at one of my screens:

Notice where the spell icons are located in the top right corner. Now look at one of the paper dolls that I've opened up. When you open a paper doll, it appears randomly on your screen, but it appears whole. It doesn't clip off the screen. Now look at the location of the backpack on the paper doll. This is important because when you're trying to snoop a person, sometimes they're moving fast and you lose track of them. When they move too far away or hide, their paper doll closes automatically. If I had a spell icon directly under their paper doll and they left, I would accidentally cast that spell, blow my cover, and waste all of my time... and let them get away with the riches!

This never happens to me because my spell icons are too high on the screen to ever fall directly under a paper doll's backpack. Make sure you organize your spell icons smart -- OR ELSE!

-Chad Sexington

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