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Section 1: General Thief Information
1.12: How can I protect myself from a thief?

Many would say that there is no such thing as protection from a thief. However, there are a few things you can do. First carry large newbie items in your backpack to cover any important items. A death robe works great for all occasions. One trick is to dye a death robe black, and your Bag black. Memorize where on the death robe you placed it, and you can always open it, but a thief can’t see it. Some thieves are good enough to move the robe and see what’s underneath. Fewer Thieves are great enough to target the bags under the robes before it moved back, and they can use Last Object Macro!

FYI - A mace & halbred weighs more than 10 stones - it can't be stolen ever! Good weapons for the Thief-Haters out there.

Do not place newbie items into bags or pouches, they will stay on you if you die, but the bag/container can be stolen (One glorious theft included 4.5 million gold worth of Housing Deeds all contained in ONE bag!)

CrazyJoe’s personal method is probably the best (And yes, I am boasting!). Have 2 spare Spellbooks and a pouch on you at all times. Drop the pouch (not a bag, it’s too big) in the top left of your bag, but in the lighter area where the bags’ graphics end. The pouch will drop down to the utmost left corner of the interior of the bag. Open your pouch and MINIMIZE it, never close it. Now drop a dummy spellbook (which is newbied and can not be stolen) in the same spot – it will slid down on top of the pouch, but will not actually go inside the pouch! Do this again with your other dummy spellbook, and viola! Nobody can see your pouch. If anyone moves your first book, they only see the second. Now if you kept your pouch minimized, you can always access it and move things in or out. Make sure you minimize your main bag as well. I personally invited Thieves on Lake Superior to try and get a free boat by stealing the key from the pouch underneath my spellbook. Five thieves and 10 minutes later, I still owned a boat!*

**Note: Thief protection on production shards is non-existant. Thieves are a dying breed and it's been years since I've seen a single person use any of these techniques. Unless you're on Siege Perilous or a free shard, you don't have to worry about this.

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