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Section 1: General Thief Information
1.11: What can happen when I steal?

Stealing is effected by Line of sight (LOS). Stealing while your PC victim is directly facing you will 99% of time get you noticed. NPC's however act very strangly, they have eyes in the back of their heads and see through walls. However, here are the possible outcomes.
  1. You successfully steal the item – Nobody noticed you! Beautiful!
  2. You steal the item, but are noticed! – You are gray to everyone. If in a guard zone, you better start running before someone calls them on you!
  3. You steal the item, but you turn gray to your victim – Being only gray to your victim has it’s advantages, he may not see your name anymore, and has to hit All Names to take notice.
  4. You fail to steal the item – Not good, you are noticed as a failure, and you’re gray! However, you do not turn Perma-Grey! This is handy information for anyone trying to wack you around town and is waiting for you to turn Perma!
  5. That item is too heavy to steal – You tried to target something over 10 stone weight. You stay blue.
  6. That item has no value to you – You targeted a newbie item or your stealing from a Young player. You stay blue.
Keep in mind that if you die after a minute you steal, the stolen item returns to the owner. Now if you had a partner to hold that item for you….

Keep in mind you do NOT turn gray stealing from other Grays or Reds.*

**Note: #3 is referring to perma-grey which no longer exists in the game.

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