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Section 1: General Thief Information
1.10: How does disarming or disarm weapon work?

**Note: The following is no longer how Disarm works. UO is an ever changing game and it has changed again. Wrestling and weapons now each have a primary skill and a secondary skill assocated with them. They are weapon specific. One of those special moves is Disarm. To use primary and secondary skills you'll need to have either 70 or 90 in that fighting skill. When it is toggled on, the next time you land a hit you will disarm your opponent.

First you need 80 Wrestle and 80 Arms Lore minimum to use the "Wrestle Disarm" function. Macro a key for "Wrestle-Disarm". Press this when you are ready to run up to anyone and wrestle them. While you wrestle, the Program makes a check against your skills, and determines if you Fail or succesfully disarm the opponent. High Wrestle will help you avoid being hit by your opponent, and you can disarm ANYTHING held in their hands - spellbooks, weapons, and shields. However, you will lose 15 Stamina points for EACH success or failure; carrying red potions is wise.

You do become an aggressor for this action if you initiate the attack, so watch out for other players or guard-zones. You of course you can safely do this when someone else initiates the attack, especially after the 2-minute aggressor rule (see #10). I heard of people that just run around dungeons disarming and stealing high quality weapons, and do not worry about receiving murder counts - your victim would rather take a loss than die to give you a count and loose all his loot.

It helps to have very high STR and DEX. I got on the Test Center and played around with the two skills. These results are the most COMMON amount of failures I received. (Wrestle/Lore):
  • 80/80 Failed up to 6 times in a row, not reliable at all.
  • 90/80 Failed up to 4 times
  • 95/80 Failed 3-4 times
  • 95/85 Failed 2 times
  • 100/90 Failed 1-2 times
  • 100/100 Failed Rarely
To be effective you should have their weapon targeted and ready to hit Steal-Last Target. Run up, disarm, hit your steal-target macro and you can have their weapon before they knew what hit them. You also become a nice assest in a close melee attack where someone may not notice their sword missing until it's too late. Keep in mind what weapons you can NOT steal, anything that weighs over 10 stones is off limits. But also remember your Steal Skill determines how well you steal anything. If you have decent fighting skills, disarm your victim then kill them with thier own weapon - now that's class.

Any disarm thief should try to Grandmaster both Arms Lore and Wrestle, because when you are going head to head with someone carrying a very strong weapon, one failure could mean you death. If they are holding a deadly poisoned weapon, one failure can also mean your slow death! Keep in mind sometimes they will have higher dexteriety and be able to land one hit on you before you get a chance to disarm, so always carry some quick healing potions and cures!*

AoS Edit: Disarming may now be accomplished using certain weapons and their appropriate skills- see your "special moves" book on your paperdoll and look under the disarm weapon move to see what weapons are capable of disarming.

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