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Section 5: A Thief's Guide to Production Shards
5.2: How should I set up my macros for stealing?

There are 4 main stealing macros (I use F9-F12):
  1. Use Item - This a UOAssist macro and it's used to set up your Last Target on the item you want to steal. This macro brings up a targeting cursor with the press of a single key. Any item that is used to target will do. Just make sure that the item is blessed and has unlimited uses (Someone's Dagger, Veteran Dye Tub, Valentine's Day Card). If you don't have UOAssist, you can you can use a "Use Skill" in-game macro instead. Just make sure that it has a short cool down timer (Evaluate Intelligence, Anatomy, Arms Lore).
  2. Steal/Last Target - This is your main stealing macro and it requires 2 lines. The first line acitvates your Stealing skill. The second line is set to Last Target.
  3. Steal - This is your situational stealing macro. Sometimes you don't have time to get your Last Target set up and other times you just want to random steal a player.
  4. Last Object - This is your snooping macro. To use it, first open a players paperdoll from anywhere on the screen and double-click their backpack. Their backpack now becomes the last object you've acted on. As long as you don't double-click any other item, this macro will pop open their pack with a single key.

Chad Sexington

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