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Section 2: Gaining Skill
2.4: Stealth

With publish 16, stealth became much more difficult, but it is still possible. Here's what the assasin forum has to say:
  • 0-30 Buy from Thief Guildmaster
  • 30-65 Stealth with only newbie clothes and a robe on
  • 65-95 GM Full Studded Leather Suit
  • 95-GM GM Full Studded Leather Suit and GM Close Helm
All this is done at sea 8x8ing, very similar to hiding. Remember, to have a chance at stealth you must have at least 80.0 hiding and be hidden when the skill is triggered. Without 80 (or more) hiding, you will get a message informing you that your hiding is not high enough, and you will not gain any skill.

**Note: The required hiding needed to 'never fail' with leather and/or mage armor is 75.0 and has been for some time.

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