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Section 2: Gaining Skill
2.3: Hiding

Your success in hiding is not dependant on what armor you are wearing. It is based on what is near to the thief and how many people have line of sight. You can NOT hide if you are being attacked and your attacker is on your screen. (At Grandmaster Hide, you can hide from attackers 7 Tiles away! Very nice!) Remember this when being chased and when training . Furthermore, you have a better chance in hiding against a wall. If in the wilderness, you will almost always be able to hide along the wall of a house rather than in the open.

One of the myths to gaining hide is that you need to wear armor, this is far from the truth. To gain hide skill, all you need to do is simply hide A LOT. At any level, you will gain on failures and successes. I know from experience that you can Grandmaster the Hide skill wearing the clothes that you started with (3 AR).

To Grandmaster this skill in a fraction of the time, go to sea with a boat, and tell the Tillerman 'Slow Forward' and sail north along one of the continuous Server Lines (Get UO Auto-Map from Stratics to find these lines). The two main lines are west of Ice Isle, and east of Moonglow. When you gain, stop and 8x8 your run (explained in 2.1, "introduction").*

This really is the best way to gain hiding- just 8x8 it a lot. With GGS, hiding seems to have gotten much easier to GM.

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