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Section 2: Gaining Skill
2.2: Stealing

To gain stealing, first grab a packhorse, head to felucca, and tell it to guard you. Now simply TARGET (not random) steal the appropriately weighted items which you place inside its pack over and over. The general accepted weight to steal for gains is 1/10 your skill- ie. at 90 steal 9 stones, at 8 steal 8, and so on.

WARNING: containers may NO LONGER be stolen with AoS. These meathods STILL WORK, however, you will have to steal ITEMS of the appropriate weight, and not containers.

Pickpocket's dips are similar to training dummies for fighting skills- they are a house add-on made by carpenters which allow you to train stealing up to 25. You can choose to find items the appropriate weight, fill pouches with the apropriate weight (ie. 7 piles of 1 gold EACH in a pouch will produce an 8 stone item- the pouch weighs 1 itself). The following is courtesy Zellorian concerning how he gained stealing:

The Way Zellorian Does It:
I personally like the weighted bag method of gaining stealing. The reason being is it is macro able (attended, of course) and allows you to not have to constantly have your whole attention on your training... What I did was get 60 bags (pouches weight one stone) and put empty bottles (can also use beeswax since they also weigh one stone stacked. Beeswax can be difficult to collect in large numbers though) in each. Now empty bottles weigh one stone each when stacked so they are perfect for calibrating your bags (remember when weighing your bags that the pouch weighs 1 stone. So if you need a 3 stone item you would add 2 bottles). Now all you have to do is put the appropriate amount of bottles in each bag for your skill level. I went by this scale:
  • 0-30 buy
  • 30-35 3 stones
  • 35-45 4 stones
  • 45-55 5 stones
  • 55-65 6 stones
  • 65-75 7 stones
  • 75-85 8 stones
  • 85-95 9 stones
  • 95-GM 10 stones
Now after about 75ish stealing I wasn't making gains after two times through the 60 bags. I then switched out my bags and gains picked back up. At about 93 stealing 9 stones just wasn't making it. I then switched to dye tubs. I used 60 dye tubs to GM from about 93. If at any time your gains seem to slow a lot then switch to the next higher weight. The beauty of doing it this way is that you will only need to make ONE UOA macro for the duration of your training. When you switch out targets all you have to do reset your targets in your macro. Most like the "gold method" but I find that it requires a lot of clicking and your total attention on what you are doing. I like to just hit a key and watch a movie or something while I train. Both methods work equally well though.

Your UOA macro should look like this:
  • Use Skill/Cast Spell -stealing
  • target -the target
  • pause 10500 -10500 is good for people with no lag... If you’re laggy might need to up this...
  • Do this for all targets on your pack horse.
Corran Horn's Input:
Stealing: So far Im doing the gold method *50 Gold = 1 Stone*
  • 00-15 1 Stone
  • 15-25 2 Stones
  • 25-35 3 Stones
  • 35-45 4 Stones
  • 45-55 5 Stones
  • 55-65 6 Stones
  • 65-75 7 Stones
  • 75-85 8 Stones
  • 85-95 9 Stones
  • 95-100 10 Stones

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