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Section 2: Gaining Skill
2.5: Wrestling

With AoS, fighting skills have became even more difficult- nolonger do the Jhelom pits work for easy gains, as the fighters will now fight back AND take damage. The best suggestion now is simply spar another player or fight monsters (such as rotting corpses with a group at higher levels). This is the pre-AoS guide for gaining stealing for those of you who play on shards who do not yet have AoS enabled. With publish 16, it seems fighting skills have become MUCH more difficult, however, Zellorian poses an interesting solution:

Despite popular belief melee skills are just as easy as they have always been to gain. In fact, you don't even have to leave the Jhelome pits from 0-GM. I am making an alchy/scribe/mage and just GMed her wrestling in a week using this:
  • 30-60: 6gp wrestlers
  • 60-75: 8gp wrestlers
  • 75-90: 7gp fighters
  • 90+: 8gp fighters
**Wrestlers have no armed weapon, fighters have weapons. Be sure to pull up paper dolls as some also carry two handed weapons that are hidden by the shield.

All you have to do is find the appropriate fighter by bringing up its context menu and selecting "hire". It will then tell you how many gp per day it is available for. If you end up having to look around be sure you click again on the fighter you don't want and select "dismiss" from its context menu. Even though you didn't hire it, it still shows up on your followers count. Now you have your fighter you want... I would drop about 30 gp on them to hire them fro about 4-6 days or so. Tell it to follow you and go to someplace that is not in guard zone (like the center of the pit or something)... Then use the context menu to tell it to guard you and attack it. It will swing at you until it hits you once then stop swinging. Be careful... after its gold is used up it will start swinging again stating it will do nothing more till paid. Kill the NPC at that point and get another. Melee skills are not only effected by the targets skills but more targets = more gains.

For 100+ wrestling I have found the easiest and fastest way to 115 (my axer just got there) is to beat on a guild mate that is GM in a melee skill as they hold an appropriate weapon. I have two account and two computers so it was easy for me to create a temp training guild for this purpose. I tried all the other more solo methods and they don't gain as fast and can be a pain in the buttox. If this doesn't work for you, you can always try the conventional beating on Jhelom NPCs at random and then moving on to Rotting Corpses at about 70 or 80 skill.

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