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Section 7: A Thief's Guide to Siege Perilous
7.7: How much Magery should I have on my template?

Magery is just as useful -- if not more useful -- on Siege than it is on other shards. One of the reasons Magery is so important is because Recall and Sacred Journey don't exist on Siege. And because of this, you have 4 choices when it comes to Magery:
  1. 0.0 Magery - You don't need Magery at all. You can get around just fine if you decide to use your legs, stolen boats, and other people's gates. You won't get access to all other non-Gate Travel spells, but if all you're worried about is getting around to where you need to go, Magery isn't necessary.
  2. 92.0 Magery - With 92 Magery you'll be able to cast 6th Circle spells 100% of the time (Invisibility), 7th Circle spells some of the time (Gate Travel), and 8th Circle spells with scrolls (Resurrection). Since the Invisibility spell is one of the only ways you can hide immediately after a steal, it's something to think about.
  3. 106.0 Magery - With 106 Magery you'll be able to cast 7th Circle spells 100% of the time. You'll also have high enough Magery to start thinking about keeping a Mage Weapon in your bag of tricks.
  4. 120.0 Magery - With 120 Magery you get it all, but you're also sacrificing the maximum amount of skill points away from other skills.

-Chad Sexington

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