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Section 7: A Thief's Guide to Siege Perilous
7.6: Why do I need to plan out my template from the start?

Rate over Time (RoT) does 2 things when it comes to skill gain on Siege:
  1. It takes about 2 months to train a skill from 70.0 to GM+.
  2. It's better to train skills together and in bunches.
Because of this, planning out your template from the start is very important if you want to finish your training as soon as possible with a minimum amount of grind. After creating your new thief, follow these 3 steps:
  1. Plan out your template.
  2. Train all of your skills to 70.0.
  3. Work all of your skills in bunches for your RoT gains, until your template is complete.

-Chad Sexington

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