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Section 4: Pulling Off the Theft
4.5: Tips for Snooping

Some tips on Snooping someone! First of all, you can only open a bag if you are directly next to someone, however, if you snoop someone and then they run away in fear, as long as you dont move, there backpack stays open (assuming they dont run for miles!) So this allows you to have a look at there main pack without too much trouble. Another tip is to set their backpack as last object (make a macro using uo's inbuilt macro's) and keep your finger placed on it as you walk by. You can walk by them , open there pack and continue to walk a further 2-3 tiles, and then have a look at there main pack. A lot of people will not realise they are even being snooped! If you need to snoop deeper into there pack, try walking by them again, once again having the bag you want to open on last object.


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